Monday, June 1, 2015

Do not eat Asian food in Montana!

Hello!! Well another great week in good ole Great Falls Montana!! We had a pretty good week! We taught a good amount of lessons and saw a lot of people! We ended up having a Memorial day BBQ which was a lot of fun! It was just me and Elder Barney and two other missionaries here in Great Falls but it was sweet we were at a members house and we just relaxed and had fun! It was a good day!! So then a member took us out to dinner.... it was a janky asian food place.... and it DESTROYED ME!!!! I had food poisoning ALL NIGHT!!! I lost like 8 pounds from throwing up!! haha It was a loooong night!! Never again will I eat asian food in Montana....never!! haha But on the bright side I lost 8 pounds!!! haha That's always good news!! I just gotta keep it off now so my dad doesn't weigh less than me when I get home!! haha Well transfers are next week! I'll find out whats happening on sunday, so I will definitely report back on Monday on whats happening!! This is short today because we are going hiking. Looking forward to seeing the pretty views. Well I hope everybody has a good week!! Have fun at high school graduation Britton!!! 

Love Elder Swishdaddy

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