Tuesday, May 26, 2015

God Bless America!

Well another crazy week! We kept busy this week and were able to teach
a good amount of lessons! And they were all quality lessons which made
it really good! We did a lot of walking this week, thank goodness!!
Felt good to get out and get some sun! Haha but I feel like cuz I'm
walking I can eat more candy..... Haha so this week our mission
president came to Great Falls and I had my final interview with him,
he will be leaving early July to return home and we will be getting a
new president. It's weird, he's been such a huge part of my life the
last 21 months! He's helped me a lot and reminds me a lot of my
dad! Haha and then this week we helped a new member who is in a wheel
chair mow his lawn!! But we did it in our white shirts and ties and
our slacks Haha people were staring at us so funny! But hey they at
least know we are willing to give service it was pretty cool! Haha
well I love this weekend cuz we get to remember all the men and woman
who have died for this beautiful country. I love America and I am so
grateful for the many freedoms we have and the men and woman who
fight for us. God Bless America!!!
well I think that's all I have I hope everybody has a safe weekend!
Love and miss you guys!!

Love, Elder Swishdaddy

Monday, May 18, 2015

Brentwood Cherries and Jack in the Box tacos!!

Well just another week in good ole Great Falls!! Members are starting to ask, "Elder Swisher how long have you been here?" haha a DECADE!!!! hahah It's been great though, I love it here! We had a good week, we were constantly busy either teaching or knocking on doors!! So exciting news of the week, we were able to find a new family to teach out in Choteau!!! So I guess that was the highlight of the week!! They will be fun to teach! Oh! Another highlight of the week, my parents sent up some Brentwood cherries...... it has been way to long since I've eaten a good cherry! haha When the package came and I saw what it was I thought I was gonna cry.... haha man I love Brentwood cherries!! Saturday we got a call from our mission president saying that there is going to be a Mid Transfer within our zone so we had to drive an Elder to Cut Bank and bring another Elder down to Fairfield, so that was a fun roadtrip in the rain! It rained for three days straight and all the farmers were so happy, I guess the ground was so dry they were all getting worried that thier crops weren't gonna make it, but the rain came just in time! Now it's California's turn for some more rain!!! Another great part of my week. A member was driving to a city that had a Jack in the Box. I begged him to bring me back some tacos. Oh how I miss Jack in the Box tacos!!! And guess what they even bought a special bag to keep them warm for us!! Cherries and Jack in the Box all in one week!!! Hope everybody has a great week!! Love and miss everyone!!!
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day Skype!!!!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!! Well our week went okay, the work was pretty slow this week but that's okay cuz we were pretty excited about our baptism on Friday and our Mothers Day Skype!! The baptism was awesome. The sister wanted to move her baptism up but there was no one available to preside at it. The president looked up in the handbook and I was able to preside at the baptism. It was a really great experience! It was sooo good to skype home yesterday and see my family! I love them like crazy!! So through out the week we shared a Mother's Day message with people and asked them what they love and have learned from their moms. It got me thinking, something I love about my mom is her unconditional love!! I swear I always felt loved by my mom, even on the days I was sitting watching the A's game and she says "Brad, do you have any homework tonight?" Me "Uhhhh Nope don't think so" mom "then why do you have 20 missing assgniments in math?" hahaha oh man I can't even count how many times we had this conversation, but even through it all I really did feel my moms love. She is the reason I graduated from high school, she's the reason I got my eagle scout, she's the reason I'm on a mission today. With out my mom I would be lost in this crazy world. I'm very gratefull for her love and support through out my whole life. She's awesome, I love you mom!! Happy Mother's Day!!! Well I hope all the moms out there got taken care of yesterday!! Oh wait I totally forgot to say a Happy Mother's Day to my sister on skype last night.... I'm still not used to her being a mom!! hahah Happy Mother's Day Brianna!! Well hopefully this week our work picks up and we invite MANY people to come closer to Christ!! Being a missionary is the best! I love it so much, there's no greater joy!!! Have a good week everybody!!! love you and miss you!!! #LetsGoOakland
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

Monday, May 4, 2015

Pitbull, bird poop, and Prune-Lax.....

Hello!! Well we had a sweet week! Let's see where to begin..... let's start with the Tracting story, so me and Elder Barney go out tracting early on in the week, we come up to this house with this big grey pitbull going crazy in the yard! We look at each other like "yeah this one can wait" so we start to just walk by minding our own buisness, when this freakin crazed dog put his front paws up ontop of the fence!!! ME and Elder Barney looked at each other like "heck no this is not happening!!!" then the dog jumps off his hind legs and pulls himself over the dang fence!!!! We froze.... it was like slow motion I can picture it in my head! So when the dog jumps my companions yells "OH CRAP!!!!" and then we hear the owner scream "NOOO!!! NOOO!!! STOP!!!!!!!" my heart was beating so fast!!! I literally thought I was going to die haha!! So the dog ran up to me and was growling and smelling my leg and I had this terrified look on my face and me and Elder Barney were just staring at each other not moving a muscle! It was intense so he stopped with me and starting smelling Elder Barney and then the owner came out and grabbed him...... I know lame ending, nobody got bit or anything but STILL it was crazy! hahaha It didn't help that at the begining of the week, we decided we are going on another diet (I know this is like the 40th time I've said that) but we decided to "clean" out our systems sooooo we took some "Prune-Lax" hahahaha! Sooo when that dog jumped the fence I was more scared that the the prune lax would kick in;) hahaha but it didn't, until that night! hahaha I woke up to Elder Barney at 3:00 AM running to the bathroom hahahahaha I was laughing in my bed so hard hahaha but then it attacked me, it was a miserable 2 and half days of prune lax, if ya know what I mean;) hahaha I also got pooped on by a bird. It was one exciting funny week! But other than that it was a good week!! We had a lot of fun and taught some good lessons!! One of our investigators wanted to move her baptism up to this Friday!!! WHOOOOO HOO!!! So we are having a baptism this Friday! We are so pumped for it!! It's gonna be a good day:) Well I won't talk to you guys till after Mother's Day so Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!!!! You guys rock!!! Happy Mother's Day mom! I love you and I cant wait to skype you on sunday!!!:):) Have a good week!!:)
Love Elder Swishdaddy