Monday, March 30, 2015

The END of suit coat season!

Well another week here and gone!! We had a really good week this week!! We were able to find 7 new people to teach this week!! We are always out trying to talk to people and knocking on doors to find people who want to hear our message and we were definitely blessed this week with some sucsess it was really cool to be a part of!! We also drove to Helena again for our leadership training meeting and our zone conference. It is such a beautiful drive. I posted a picture of the drive. So we only have 7 more days till we can take off our suit coats!!!! haha for the winter months we have to wear our suit coats all the time, but when it gets nice outside we get to take them off, so next week marks the end of 'suit coat season' THANK HEAVENS!!!!!! hahah I'm ready for my short sleaves baby! It will be a great day! Well life is still good, I got two easter baskets FULL of candy.... I'm convinced my dad is sending me candy so I come home fat. thanks pops.... I'm excited for easter though its a great holiday to really think and take to time to appreciate even more what our Savior has done for us!!!:) I still can't believe that in a couple of days I hit my 19 month mark.... CRAZY!!!! Its weird to think that in 5 months I'll be back home and not a full time missionary. I feel like I've been doing this for so long that I don't know anything else!! haha guess I'll figure it out when I come home! Well I hope everybody is doing well and are happy!! Hope its a great week!!!
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

Monday, March 23, 2015


BRENTWOOD!!!! Well it was a good week here in Montana!! The weather has been so nice!!! Well this week we put another family on date for BAPTISM!!!!! It was so fun teaching them, they had some really good questions and they are just sincerely interested in doing whats best for their family!!! It was awesome, such a good lesson! And then later in the week we were able to teach another lesson to an older lady and she accepted baptism as well!!! So that was cool too!!! She is a stud!! The work is moving here in the Two Rivers ward I love it!! Well every saturday we get to go out to a place called Cascade its a small little town that we cover, we actually cover a bunch of small little town out there, Cascade, Ulm, Craig, Wold Creek!! haha But they are all so tiny!! But any way we were out in Cascade working and then had dinner in Ulm, after the dinner the family had these big bottles full of milk and asked " does any one want to feed the calves?" what kind of question is that...... OF COURSE I WANT TO FEED THE CALVES!!! haha gosh dang it! so we got to go out and feed the calves with these sweet bottles! It was a lot of fun!! I love Cows, but I still like my pigs better;) hahaha but yeah life is good! The diet is coming along... slowly but surely!! I don't cry as much when I look in the mirrior;) hahaha Well I think thats all I got for you guys!! have a great week I love and miss you guys!!!!

Love Elder Swishdaddy

Monday, March 16, 2015

Best Day Yet!!!!

Hello brentwood!!! Well we had a great week!!! WE HAD 3 BAPTISIMS!!!!!!!! It was so cool I have been working with this family for 6 months now!! and finally the whole family has been baptized!!!!!! Best feeling ever!!!!!! Well another transfer has gone by annnnnd I'm STAYING HERE!!! hahaha Sorry great falls you just can't get rid of me!!! I have been here for 6 months going on 7 and half for sure!! hahaha not to mention I spent 12 weeks here at the begining of my mission!! hahah call me a citizen!!! It's a great place though so I'm excited to stay!! My companion is staying as well and we are getting another third companion he is a Poly from Nevada and I can't say or spell his name yet. I will let you know next week. We had a lot of sucsess in tracting this week finding two new families who want to hear the gospel!!!!!:):) always a good day when you can find a family!!! The miracle of the iPads. iPads change door to door knocking. Instead of having to get into the house to teach a lesson we show at video and teach right at the door. We have been having a lot of success with that. Imagine the impact when all the missions have them! All missionaries have to start buying their own and then they get to take them home after their mission. Amazing stuff happening! The work is hastening! Well have a great week! love you guys!!!
Love, elder Swishdaddy!

Monday, March 9, 2015

New iPads!

well another great week being a missionary!! We had a sweet ALL mission conference in Bozeman which was soooo sick!! Our mission has had ipads for about 17 months now and this week we got new ones!!! My group will be the first group that pays for them and takes them home!! So that was pretty exciting news!! I had to make a presentation on using the iPads. A general authority came to talk with us and get us more excited about the work. Then all the Zone leaders and Sister traning leaders had to stay the night in Bozeman for a MLC meeting the following day! It was a good meeting, we talked all about our new ipads and how to be safe with them and how to better use them!! It was really cool!! So then we had a long drive....WAIT before the drive we ate at 5 guys!!!! I haven't eaten 5 guys in 18 months!!!! Man it tasted goooood!!!! So yeah we had a late drive back to Great Falls and then woke up early the next day and drove all around our zone to pass out and set up ipads!!! LOTS OF DRIVING!!! But it was good!! I am soooo tired, I feel like right when I close my eyes the alarm is going off again at 6:23!!! hahah but its the best tired feeling I have ever felt!! I'm happy and doing good!!! So this week I gained a testimony that God has a sense of humor..... I'm not gonna lie I was thinking a lot about the A's (call me obsessed) and we were out tracting yesterday and I knock on this door and a guy wearing ALL Mariners garb answered, and was like "sorry boys I'll be gone this weekI I'm headin  to Arizona for spring training!!!"  me: "IM SOOO JEALOUS!!!!!!! GO OAKLAND!!!! but hey can we come back next week to share this video with you?" hahaha he was a cool dude and we talked baseball for a little bit and he said he wouldn't mind if an Oakland fan came and taught him about Jesus Christ hahaha whatever works right? haha well I hope everybody has a good week I'll have transfer news next week for ya!! I think my time here in good ol Great Falls is done so we shall see where my next adventure will be!!! And my big baptism is coming up this Saturday! Pictures next week! Love you!!!
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Miracles, General Authorities, and the Oakland A's!

Well I cant believe its already been another week, they just keep getting faster and faster!!! We had a really good week, we taught just about 40 lessons!!!!!!! It was awesome!! Great feeling you know you just worked hard for the Lord!!! We also were lucky enough to put a family on date for baptisim!!! We were out tracting, and it was 9:03 pm so it was the last house of the night and we knocked on the door and a native american answered the door and she said " Are you guys the Mormons???" me " yesssss"(scared cuz I thought she was gonna yell at me) and she said "we have been interested in the mormons" inside my head "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS' outside my head "well we are the two guys who you need to teach you!" so we set up an appointment and went back the next day and taught them about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and they accepted our challenge to be baptized!!! It was perfect!!! Miracles do happen!!! And the family that we were able to baptize three of them....Well the rest of family set a date to get baptized and one of them asked me to do the baptism! I will be able to help complete this families first step towards an eternal family. It brings so much joy! We also had a new area added to our zone. It is a small mountain town called Cascade. There are no full time missionaries here and they only have a small branch. So now every Saturday we get to drive to Cascade and get some work done! It was beautiful. This coming week we get to road trip it to Bozeman for an All mission conference about our Ipads! A general authority will be visiting with us there. So that will be cool to see all of my buds at once!! I'm excited for that! So tomorrow starts the Spring training, and rumors I hear from members who know that I love the A's is that our first Spring training is against the giants.....Tom Bacciocco better say some extra prayers for them.... enough said.
Love, Elder Swishdaddy