Monday, March 23, 2015


BRENTWOOD!!!! Well it was a good week here in Montana!! The weather has been so nice!!! Well this week we put another family on date for BAPTISM!!!!! It was so fun teaching them, they had some really good questions and they are just sincerely interested in doing whats best for their family!!! It was awesome, such a good lesson! And then later in the week we were able to teach another lesson to an older lady and she accepted baptism as well!!! So that was cool too!!! She is a stud!! The work is moving here in the Two Rivers ward I love it!! Well every saturday we get to go out to a place called Cascade its a small little town that we cover, we actually cover a bunch of small little town out there, Cascade, Ulm, Craig, Wold Creek!! haha But they are all so tiny!! But any way we were out in Cascade working and then had dinner in Ulm, after the dinner the family had these big bottles full of milk and asked " does any one want to feed the calves?" what kind of question is that...... OF COURSE I WANT TO FEED THE CALVES!!! haha gosh dang it! so we got to go out and feed the calves with these sweet bottles! It was a lot of fun!! I love Cows, but I still like my pigs better;) hahaha but yeah life is good! The diet is coming along... slowly but surely!! I don't cry as much when I look in the mirrior;) hahaha Well I think thats all I got for you guys!! have a great week I love and miss you guys!!!!

Love Elder Swishdaddy

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