Monday, July 28, 2014


HELLO BRENTWOOD!!!! Well this week was..... AMAZING!!!! So county fairs here in wyoming are huge!!!! everybody goes to them and that means nobody is home for us to knock on their doors! So the begining of the week was normal week full of knocking on doors and teaching but then i get this call thurseday morning "Hey Elder Swisher we need somebody who likes livestock and isnt affraid to be in poop all day and the only person we could think of..... was you" hahahaha not sure if thats a compliment or and insult? hahaha imma take it as a compliment!;) So i show up to powell wyoming while my companion stayed in cody with the other missionaries and i got picked up and brought over here! With elder inman! HE is a stud! But yeah so on friday morning at 6 am we had to go over to the fair and i washed 8 dairy cows and got them all shiney and pretty to be shown!! And then the guy who is a member in the ward here in Powell who helps run his family farm wich covers about 7,500 acres and have 655 dairy cows being milked everyday asks me "do you want to show one?" i said "is the book of mormon true?" (the answer of course being YES) hahahaha so i got to show a big heffer!!! it was awesome!!! my points were horrible and i didnt win a prize but non the less it was SOOO MUCH FUN!!!!! Man  Brentwood i hate to break it to ya but im falling in love with little ole powell wyoming!!!:) hahaha its a great place!!!! So many beautiful farms and livestock!!! Im in heaven!!!!:) So yeah ill be here in powell till probably thurseday!! when This elder gets his companion back!!! and then ill head back to Cody with my companion!! But what else does the fair have? THE BEST FOOD EVER!!! hahah i had 2 foot long corn dogs a funel cake a pulled pork burito annnnnnnnd a DOUGHNUT BURGER!!!!!!!!!!!! dont juge it by the sound of it.... it was the best thing i have ever eaten!!!!!!!!! Man it was good times hahaha!!! deffintly one of the funnest weeks of the mission!!!!:):) but yes our investigators back in cody are progressing and are working towards their baptisims really well!!! It will be a fun month full of exciting baptisims!!! Man i love being a missionary!! hahaha well thats all i got for yall!! Hope its a great week ill talk to yall next monday!!!:)
Love, Elder Swishdaddy!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Best food week ever!!!

Howdy Brentwood!!! Well we had a great week!!! We found a new investigator!! She is another 13 year old girl who happens to be best friends with the other girl we have on date for baptisim!!! They want to get baptized on the same day!!! So that will be a great day!! We are shooting for august 9th!!! I am pumped for it!!! We are fixin to have 4 baptisims next month!! Those 2 and then these other 2 investigators we have been workin with that we think are ready for it!!!! So yeah its good to see the work paying off!!!! Well this week i had 2 flat tires....... we live 3 miles out of 8 miles from walmart...... and no bike!!!!!! so we had some sweet walks on the highway going to walmart to get tubes twice!!! hahahaha but no worries the silver bullet(name of my bike) is back and running like a champ!!!! But yeah so this week was the best food week of my mission!!! we had sour dough waffles which are now my new favorite thing in the entire world and we had some good steak twice and some good pork chops man it was just a great eating week!!!! hahaha we had an awesome hike last monday but i forgot to bring my camara with me today sooooo youll have to wait to see the pictures next week!! But yeah we had a great week and im doing great!!!! I hope yall are havin a great week!!! 

Love, Elder Swishdaddy

Monday, July 14, 2014

Baby Mice problem! Gross!!

HELLO brentwood!!!!! So another great week here in Cody!! it only rained a couple of times this week!!! but for the most part the weather has been great!!! So the fun stories for the week..... we have  had a mice problem but now it has turned into a baby mice problem!!!! they are too small to set off the traps so now i just always walk around in my shoes and when we hear one we find it and then i stomp on them hahaha but we make sure to move them to the hardwood so its an easier clean up;) hahaha but yeah thats been pretty dang fun! We have to move our baptisim from this saturday to the 26th!! She was out of town so she kinda fell behind but she is still set on being baptized so we are gonna make it happen this month!!! Im so excited to see it! All the hard work will pay off!! Being a missionary is great, you just never know whats gonna happen every single day!! I have never been so happy!! So cool thing happend to me this week!! I decided that i was gonna read some other books during my personal study to see if they would help me out in my teaching! And on thursday i just felt that i wasnt as happy as i normaly am or as ready to teach people! So i sat back and was thinking about it and it was cuz i wasnt reading the book of mormon everyday! I never really realized how happy and how it made me so ready to teach people! So yeah kinda just a little slap in the face for me!! But it was a great lesson to learn!! man this week is gonna be a great week though we are fixin to find a lot of people this week to teach!! That means a lot of doors slammed in the face and a lot of gettin cussed out but it will also mean finding people to teach so itll be worth it!!! Well i think thats all i got for yall!! have a great week i miss ya Brentwood!!!!!!

Love, Elder Swishdaddy

Monday, July 7, 2014

Best 4th Ever!!

Hello!!! Well another transfer has passed and the news is......Me and Elder Archie are both staying here in Cody for another transfer!! So I'm excited to keep working here in Cody and to keep getting to know people here!! Our investigator is on track to be baptized on July 19th. The work is really exciting here. Well the 4th of July was soooo awesome!!!!!! My day started out with a ward breakfast and then we got to go watch the parade(everybody knows my patience for parades) but it was fun! and then we had a ward bbq and then got to go with a family to their family farm where they had been collecting wooden pallets! They collect these pallets all year for the 4th so they had 500 wooden pallets stacked into this huge pile with 250 gallons of gas........ put the two together and we had an awesome bonfire!!!! But before they started the fire they dumped about half the gas on the pile and then stacked up the cans of gas on top and then pulled out their AR-15s and staerted shooting the cans of gas hahahahaha it was sooo cool hahaha the fire was so big it was amazing hahaha so that is definitely on the top of the list of one of my favorite 4th of July memories!! hahaha but as for the rest of the week it was pretty dang slow! Everybody was out of town cuz they hate how big the town is on the 4th of July! in a town of 9,000 people during the parade there is 60,000 people in town!!!!!!! its just craziness hahaha its literally a mad house!!! but lots of people for us to talk to thats for sure!!! So yeah that was my week in a nut shell!! It was a fun week with some great people! I hope y'all had a good safe week! i miss and love yall!!! have a great week!!!!

Love, Elder Swishdaddy