Monday, July 14, 2014

Baby Mice problem! Gross!!

HELLO brentwood!!!!! So another great week here in Cody!! it only rained a couple of times this week!!! but for the most part the weather has been great!!! So the fun stories for the week..... we have  had a mice problem but now it has turned into a baby mice problem!!!! they are too small to set off the traps so now i just always walk around in my shoes and when we hear one we find it and then i stomp on them hahaha but we make sure to move them to the hardwood so its an easier clean up;) hahaha but yeah thats been pretty dang fun! We have to move our baptisim from this saturday to the 26th!! She was out of town so she kinda fell behind but she is still set on being baptized so we are gonna make it happen this month!!! Im so excited to see it! All the hard work will pay off!! Being a missionary is great, you just never know whats gonna happen every single day!! I have never been so happy!! So cool thing happend to me this week!! I decided that i was gonna read some other books during my personal study to see if they would help me out in my teaching! And on thursday i just felt that i wasnt as happy as i normaly am or as ready to teach people! So i sat back and was thinking about it and it was cuz i wasnt reading the book of mormon everyday! I never really realized how happy and how it made me so ready to teach people! So yeah kinda just a little slap in the face for me!! But it was a great lesson to learn!! man this week is gonna be a great week though we are fixin to find a lot of people this week to teach!! That means a lot of doors slammed in the face and a lot of gettin cussed out but it will also mean finding people to teach so itll be worth it!!! Well i think thats all i got for yall!! have a great week i miss ya Brentwood!!!!!!

Love, Elder Swishdaddy

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