Wednesday, February 26, 2014

ice cream in a bag! YUM!

Hey!!! I hit my 6th month mark on the 4th of march!!!! Time is flying by! I can't believe I will be 1/4 done! So its still snowing, it was blizzarding all night and just wont stop... I want to say I'm getting used to it buuuut I'm not hahaha! I'm ready for some sun in my life!!!! I do enjoy driving in the snow however hahaha! It is fun to slide! Don't tell my mom I do that though.... sorry mom!!! But yeah we had a dinner this week with the sister missionaries that we share the ward with and they alright, but the dinner was cool! We had "shakes in a bag" so you put ice cream and milk and topping in a bag and then squeeze it with your hands and cut off a corner and its a shake!!! its awesome hahaha I loved it!! I only had 4 so I feel like I've been cutting back on my sugar;) hahaha but yeah life is good and I'm enjoying myself out here!!:) I hope all is well for y'all back at home!!! I sure do miss and love you guys!!! stay warm for me!!!:)
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

Monday, February 17, 2014


Hello!!! So this week was pretty good!! We got to teach 5 of the kids we found at the mall last week!!! So that was awesome but because they aren't old enough to be in the young single adult ward we had to pass them off to other missionaries:( So thats lame but hey its all good!!! So the wheather this week has been WIERD It was a nice 40 degrees which felt like summer! hahaha but then it would rain a tiny bit then turn to hail for awhile and then be sunny all within 30 minutes!! its ridiculous!! hahaha but hey I'll take that over the snow anyday!!! So here's my story for ya this week, so yesterday we come home from church and we are walking to our appartment and we see some water coming out of our front door..... I was like what the heck is happening!!!! so we go inside and our apartment is flooded!!! The water was almost up to our ankles!!! hahaha I was so mad!! But then we found out it wasn't our fault it was the people above us they clogged there drain so all their dirty water came overflowing into our room!!!!!!! Hahahaha so it smelled awfull!!! Yeah it took us like 2 and whole hours to clean up the dumb water and then we had to wait for the plumber to come and then the carpet guy is coming today! hahah so its been annoying but hey like I said there is never a dull moment in the mission field! Gotta love it!! Weird to think I'm coming up on 6 months in a couple weeks!! where has the time gone?!?! So this weekened we went to the mall again and faked shopped! So we were in the tie area of JCP and we had the lady working help pick out ties for us and then we would slyly bring up that we are missionaries and we totally got a reurn appointment with her so that was cool!! And then we went to a differnt section and I started talking to this one girl and when I brought up that I was a missionary she already knew, hahaha, she is a member already!!!! She was just acting like she wasn't to mess with me!!! hahah what a punk but hey it was funny even though I felt dumb!!! But yeah thats all I got for ya. I hope everybody has a great week! I love and miss everybody!!!!
LOVE elder swishdaddy

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Head butted by a cow!

hello!!! well this week was a really fun week!!!:) So my original companion was transferred out of our area so we are back down to just me and my new missionary! Training is going good he is starting to get the hang of missionary work!! We decided that we need to get creative and start finding more people to teach, so we went to the mall Friday night and walked around and there were a ton of people there!!! Why have I never thought of this before!!!!!!!! So we talked to a bunch of people and were able to get 4 new investigators out of the night!!! It was so awesome!! It definitely is good to see people want to learn more about our savior Jesus Christ!! Im freezing up here! it has been snowing for 5 days straight no joke it wont stop!! I forgot what the sun feels like!! is there even a sun? Im not sure anymore cuz all I know is clouds and snow flakes on my face hahaha. Well besides that this week we went and helped out on a ranch!! we got to help check on the cows that are giving birth!! and got to help deliver a calf!!! I got headbutted by the momma so now I have a black eye and I have a gash in my eyebrow but I went to the market and bought some super glue and glued it up so we are good to go no worries;) hahaha but it was awesome I love doing service!! Its nice to get out of the suit and tie and help out every once in awhile!!!! Well yeah so guess the news on the block is im an uncle now huh?!?! IM PUMPED!!! hahah I cant wait to see that little guy!! And I even hear he looks like my baby picture... what a lucky guy;) hahaha but yeah when I found out I was freaking out I was so excited for Brianna and kellan!!! they are gonna be such amazing parents!!! Little eli is blessed to have them as his parents I know they will raise him good and he will be an awesome guy!!!:) hopefully I don't corrupt him too much;) But its so exciting...I get to call my dad a grandpa?! that will be fun!! well yeah that's all I can think of going on in my life right now!!! I hope you all have a great week! I love and miss you all!!!!
Love, elder swishdaddy

Monday, February 3, 2014

cows are calving!

Hello brentwood!!!!!! So ready for this? i got a third companion! he's new so i'm training him and it'll be fun to help him find joy in this awesome work!!!! So everybody that reads this is gonna laugh at me for saying this but i was walking this week and i stopped and was just looking at this cow. I love cows. They are so amazing haha but seriously i was sitting there looking at this aniamal and i was just thinking dang heavenly father knew what he was doing when he created this cow. Not only is it amazing that he created this anaimal but knowing he created it for me to kill and eat makes it even better... right?;) hahaha im pumped though on friday we are going to this tiny town and hour east of billings and helping this family with their cows! They are calving right now and im gionna help check on the cows and help the calves when they are born!!! Its gonna be so fun!!! But heres a cool story for you, so we were at walmart and i saw this lady with jumper cables and her hood was up and so i pulled up next to her and asked if we could help! So we hook it up and tried jumping her truck but it wasn't working so while i was messing with the cables my companions talked with her and gave her a book of mormon(wich is of course the best book ever) and she said she would read it and they were just talking about the church with her and in the mean time im getting frustrated cuz i cant get a good connection with the cables soooo i was thinking and i went into our car and grabbed my compnions soda and poured a little on it and it ate away all the junk that was built up! IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!! hahahahaha what a lucky guess!!! she was so shocked she was llike "you must know what your doing" and i was like "well yeah i guess so...." hahahaha But lets be real i had no idea what i was doing but hey my dad always told me if you don't know what to do at least look confident so they think you know hahaha it worked so thanks pops for that one hahaha but yeah thats all i got for ya this week hopefully i stay warm and dont freeze in this garbage weather!!! have a great week everybody! i love and miss you all!!!!!!
Love elder swishdaddy!!!!