Monday, February 3, 2014

cows are calving!

Hello brentwood!!!!!! So ready for this? i got a third companion! he's new so i'm training him and it'll be fun to help him find joy in this awesome work!!!! So everybody that reads this is gonna laugh at me for saying this but i was walking this week and i stopped and was just looking at this cow. I love cows. They are so amazing haha but seriously i was sitting there looking at this aniamal and i was just thinking dang heavenly father knew what he was doing when he created this cow. Not only is it amazing that he created this anaimal but knowing he created it for me to kill and eat makes it even better... right?;) hahaha im pumped though on friday we are going to this tiny town and hour east of billings and helping this family with their cows! They are calving right now and im gionna help check on the cows and help the calves when they are born!!! Its gonna be so fun!!! But heres a cool story for you, so we were at walmart and i saw this lady with jumper cables and her hood was up and so i pulled up next to her and asked if we could help! So we hook it up and tried jumping her truck but it wasn't working so while i was messing with the cables my companions talked with her and gave her a book of mormon(wich is of course the best book ever) and she said she would read it and they were just talking about the church with her and in the mean time im getting frustrated cuz i cant get a good connection with the cables soooo i was thinking and i went into our car and grabbed my compnions soda and poured a little on it and it ate away all the junk that was built up! IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!! hahahahaha what a lucky guess!!! she was so shocked she was llike "you must know what your doing" and i was like "well yeah i guess so...." hahahaha But lets be real i had no idea what i was doing but hey my dad always told me if you don't know what to do at least look confident so they think you know hahaha it worked so thanks pops for that one hahaha but yeah thats all i got for ya this week hopefully i stay warm and dont freeze in this garbage weather!!! have a great week everybody! i love and miss you all!!!!!!
Love elder swishdaddy!!!!

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