Monday, February 17, 2014


Hello!!! So this week was pretty good!! We got to teach 5 of the kids we found at the mall last week!!! So that was awesome but because they aren't old enough to be in the young single adult ward we had to pass them off to other missionaries:( So thats lame but hey its all good!!! So the wheather this week has been WIERD It was a nice 40 degrees which felt like summer! hahaha but then it would rain a tiny bit then turn to hail for awhile and then be sunny all within 30 minutes!! its ridiculous!! hahaha but hey I'll take that over the snow anyday!!! So here's my story for ya this week, so yesterday we come home from church and we are walking to our appartment and we see some water coming out of our front door..... I was like what the heck is happening!!!! so we go inside and our apartment is flooded!!! The water was almost up to our ankles!!! hahaha I was so mad!! But then we found out it wasn't our fault it was the people above us they clogged there drain so all their dirty water came overflowing into our room!!!!!!! Hahahaha so it smelled awfull!!! Yeah it took us like 2 and whole hours to clean up the dumb water and then we had to wait for the plumber to come and then the carpet guy is coming today! hahah so its been annoying but hey like I said there is never a dull moment in the mission field! Gotta love it!! Weird to think I'm coming up on 6 months in a couple weeks!! where has the time gone?!?! So this weekened we went to the mall again and faked shopped! So we were in the tie area of JCP and we had the lady working help pick out ties for us and then we would slyly bring up that we are missionaries and we totally got a reurn appointment with her so that was cool!! And then we went to a differnt section and I started talking to this one girl and when I brought up that I was a missionary she already knew, hahaha, she is a member already!!!! She was just acting like she wasn't to mess with me!!! hahah what a punk but hey it was funny even though I felt dumb!!! But yeah thats all I got for ya. I hope everybody has a great week! I love and miss everybody!!!!
LOVE elder swishdaddy

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