Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ripped my pants......

Hello!!! The weather is clearing up so thats a plus!! It was in the 50s all week! I thought it was summer! hahaha But now today its raining so thats a bummer but hey better than the snow!!!;) So got a funny story for ya, so I was helping put away chairs in the church gym and I had a couple chairs in my hand and I went to step up onto the stage to put them away and... my pants ripped right down the middle!! And of course it was in front of all the girls in the ward!!! They thought it was the funniest thing ever! hahaha It was pretty dang funny haha! so now the whole ward talks about how I ripped my pants and they tease me for it non stop! hahaha! I love it!!! I've made some good friends in this ward, they are a fun group to be around thats for sure. There is always something going on!! And all the drama with boyfriends and girlfriends is also very entertaining! hahaha It's like a live soap opera!! its better than tv! hahaha! So friday was pie day?! Everybody in the ward was excited about pie day! hahaha so they all got together friday night and everybody brought a different pie and we ate pie for an hour or so! I had no idea that pie day had to do with the date and how the numbers lined up I just thought it was a day to eat pie! haha thats my kinda day;) I guess I never got that far in math to know what pie is! hahaha the only thing I think of when I hear pie is me getting fat!!:) hahaha  People here are all pumped for summer! On saturday everybody had their garages open with their fishing gear out getting everything ready to go for the summer!! I am so jealous I dont get to go fishing out here!!! hahaha everybody brags about how good it is so I cant wait to come back after my mission to fish!! People think I'm gonna come back to visit but really I just wanna fish;) hahaha just kidding!!! But yeah thats all I got for ya!! Have a great week and I love and miss everybody!!!!
love, Elder swishdaddy

Monday, March 3, 2014


HOWDY!!!! So this week was not to exciting.... it was in the negatives alllllll week!!! And it just wont stop snowing! I Swear there is no off switch!!! but with all the snow fall I got to shovel A LOT of walks this week and help push people of snow banks hahaha But yeah that was really fun I love helping people out and seeing how relieved they are after! ITs definitely a good feeling:) So I got transfer calls last night andddddd....... IM STAYING! Both me and my companion are staying for at least another 6 weeks!! I guess im pretty excited about it!The YSA ward is really growing on me so that's good!! We were able to help bring 2 people back to church this week that havnt been to church in 5 years!! So that was way cool to see them at church and to see how happy they were after!!:) Church definitely makes a difference!! Oh so the other night we came home at 9 pm thinking we were done for the night and we saw a family moving so we jumped out to help them and they just some couches left so we were able to help move the couches and when I picked up the couch I grabbed the metal underneath.... it had been sitting in -25 degree weather all day and the metal stuck to my skin and burned me!!!! hahaha ive never been burned because something was so cold!! It was kinda cool actually;) hahaha I didn't know whether to put ice on a freeze burn or heat on a freeze burn? interesting situation I guess;) hahaha well that's about all I got for ya this week!!! I love and miss everybody!!! have a great week!!!!! ill officially see yall in 18 months!!!:)

Love elder swishdaddy!!!