Monday, March 3, 2014


HOWDY!!!! So this week was not to exciting.... it was in the negatives alllllll week!!! And it just wont stop snowing! I Swear there is no off switch!!! but with all the snow fall I got to shovel A LOT of walks this week and help push people of snow banks hahaha But yeah that was really fun I love helping people out and seeing how relieved they are after! ITs definitely a good feeling:) So I got transfer calls last night andddddd....... IM STAYING! Both me and my companion are staying for at least another 6 weeks!! I guess im pretty excited about it!The YSA ward is really growing on me so that's good!! We were able to help bring 2 people back to church this week that havnt been to church in 5 years!! So that was way cool to see them at church and to see how happy they were after!!:) Church definitely makes a difference!! Oh so the other night we came home at 9 pm thinking we were done for the night and we saw a family moving so we jumped out to help them and they just some couches left so we were able to help move the couches and when I picked up the couch I grabbed the metal underneath.... it had been sitting in -25 degree weather all day and the metal stuck to my skin and burned me!!!! hahaha ive never been burned because something was so cold!! It was kinda cool actually;) hahaha I didn't know whether to put ice on a freeze burn or heat on a freeze burn? interesting situation I guess;) hahaha well that's about all I got for ya this week!!! I love and miss everybody!!! have a great week!!!!! ill officially see yall in 18 months!!!:)

Love elder swishdaddy!!!

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