Monday, February 23, 2015

Small World!

Well another week has gone by!! Crazy!! my 18th month mark is just around the corner!! Well this week was a full week!!! We taught a lot of lessons and had some cool experiences! We found this lady a week ago and set up a day to come and teach her and so we show up and she lets us in and we teach her a great lesson all about how the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth!!! and she LOVED it!! she is Native American so she was drawn to the Book of Mormon! When we taught her she cried through half the lesson and comitted to a baptisimal date!! The spirit was so strong it was amazing!! Its cool to go out and find the people the Lord has been preparing for us to teach and bring closer to him!! It always builds my testimony when I have those kinds of experiences! We had an MTC for members on Friday! It was sooo cool! My comp taught a class on how members and missionarys should work together and then a sister in our zone taught a class on Opening Your Mouths and that was way good and then I taught a class on social media! It was way cool we had a dinner before it started then we broke out into the groups and started at it! It was a cool way for the members to kinda get excited and gain more knowledge on how to be missionaries themselves!! Hopefully the work keeps getting stronger and stronger from it!! Cool to be a part of!!! The church makes this a small world. A sister serving a mission in my parents ward has grandparents in my ward here in Great Falls! What a small world! I took a picture of them and then when I left They called and talked with my parents. Well I think thats all I have this week!!! I love you and miss you guys have a good one!!! By the way spring training is about to get kicked started here soon so LETS GO OAKLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Bro Baccioccio)!!!
Love, The Worlds Biggest A's fan, Elder Swishdaddy

Brother and Sister Alfrey

Teaching at the Stake Member missionary training center

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Miracle of My Mission

Well I'm sorry this is soo late!!! Monday all the computers were shut down cuz of the holiday and then yesterday I went on exchanges in a tiny town, and they had one computer..... but no internet, why the heck would you even have a computer?!?! classic Montana;) haha But it was a good week last week!! So miracle of my mission happened this week. Remember the three kids that Elder Curtis and I baptized a few months back? Well I got a phone call from the dad and through a series of incredible miracles the rest of the family has decided to be baptized. I had a good cry, of happiness of course. I have a testimony that I was sent to the Montana mission to meet this awesome family. I can not wait to return for their sealing in the temple! Jesus Christ lives and He is aware of us. He is looking out for us. I know He is with all of my heart. Well the rest doesn't compare to that but we did a lot of fun! and we taught some really good lessons to a couple of investigators and some really good lessons to our less active families we are working with!! It was a very successful week!!:) Shout out to my sister Brook!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! "Im feelin twenty two, hoo hoo!!' hahaha well last week we traveled to Helena twice again! so lots and lots of driving , we were there for two days in a row so we just stayed the night in Helena, which means I got to stay the night with my good buddy Elder Evensen!! haha we had a lot of fun together!! We helped a lady find her lost cat and everything! SO yeah its pretty crazy right now, the weather is really nice!! the sun is out and I feel like I'm back in Brentwood!! It definitely does not feel like a montana winter... global warming??;) hahaha no way I've seen too much snow to beleive in that;) haha so we have a chiropractor in our ward and he is waaay cool so he had us over on Monday for breakfast and a free adjustment!!! I feel like a new missionary!!! I feel like I can go another 24 months!!! (just kidding I'm fine with 61/2 months left) but man I dont think I have played basketball as well as I did on Monday after that adjustment!! haha On Monday afternoon we played games at a members home. They are the best. They had six missionaries over for the Holiday. Well I hope everybody back home is doing well!!! I miss everybody and can't wait to see ya real soon!!!
Love Elder Swishdaddy

Monday, February 9, 2015

Work out like a Ninja!

Last week

Hello again!! So another transfer here and gone! Crazy they are just flying by!! The transfer news isss..... I'm stayin here in Great Falls for another 6 weeks!! This will officially be my longest area! I love it here in the Two Rivers Ward I'm glad I get to stay! Elder McGrath is staying with me as well and our third comp is leaving, he will be going to Absorkee, kinda by Billings! And we will not be getting a third comp this transfer. This week seemed to fly by faster than usual! Elder McGrath and I started a work out program..... have you heard of the game Ninja? well it's a fun game and we play it every night for 30 minutes of exercise? I'll count it!!;) It got really cold here again this week and snowed a good amount!! you would think by now I would except the fact that I live where it snows...but I haven't yet;) my diet is going pretty good!! I haven't lost weight yet but I havent' been eating like it's my job anymore! so I'll take baby steps;) haha It was a good week with lots of little miracles! Well I hope everybody has a great week!! I'll try to have some stories for everybody next week! love you!!
Love elder Swishdaddy

This week

Hello!!! Well a crazy week, but a lot of fun!! We drove to Helena to drop off some missionaries who were being transferred! and then we got some Panda Express on the way home;) and then early the next day we had to get up and drive again to Helena, cuz a missionary in our zone is training, so we had to go pick up his brand new missionary!!! straight from the MTC!! haha! so lots of driving! but besides the driving, we have been working with 3 solid Less Active families, trying to get them to come back to full activity in the church! And they are making some huge steps in the right direction!! one family in particular has been coming to all three hours of church and have been reading their scriptures everyday for the past 4 weeks now!! its been so fun to be apart of them changing and coming back to christ!!!:):) it makes up for all the crazy hard times!! haha so this coming week will be another crazy one! lots of driving again! but it will be fun! We are in the works of planning an MTC, Member Training Center hahaha we are going to be teaching some classes on how to be missionaries!! its gonna be a lot of fun! we are making (when I say we I mean not me cuz I'm not creative) some missionary tags for them to wear while in the classes and will have some food! It's gonna be awesome!! we are so pumped for it!! it'll be such a good night! and we hope the work  will double after it as well! haha well I think thats all I got for ya this week!! I love you all and I miss everybody!! have a great week!!!!!
Love Elder Swishdaddy