Monday, November 24, 2014


Hello Brentwood!!!!! Okay so as all of you know my most favorite holiday just past by this saturday... Turkey kill day! and i am pleased to anounce that it is the second turkey kill i have missed in my life and the LAST!!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! Holy smokes it feels good to know that i will be back killing turkeys in 363 days from today!!!!!! #GodBlessTurkeyKill hahaha well this week was a great week! In missionary work we want to see the people teach get baptized!!! And we had 3 baptisims this weekend!!!! Its the best feeling in the world!!! We teach these people, we go to there houses, we help them through struggles and its hard but man you grow to love them and when you finally get to see them get baptized, theres no greater feeling in the world!!! We know that baptisim is the first step to returning to our heavenly father and man do i love helping people make that step forward!!!! its even worth missing turkey kill day;) and thats saying a lot!!! hahaha We are having a lot of fun right now though, its been a blast teaching and being with elder curtis and now that we have our third companion elder massaou its even better! haha hes tired of the cold and is ready to get his visa to australlia back to the warm weather like his home in micronesia!!! we love him but its weird cuz hes not used to american cultures....or electricity or toliets or showers or hahahaha the list goes on!!! So its a small world. The missionary that found him in the jungle back on his island lives in montana! he lives about an hour away!!!! crazy huh?? so he came to see him and brought him warm clothes and stuff and he was telling us how big of a deal elder masaou is on his island!!! hahaha He is known as the best fisher on the island! They fish with spear guns and he can free dive up to 90 feet with out oxygen tanks!!! crazy!!!! He is the "shark killer" on the island hahaha he has pictures of him killing 5 foot great white sharks hahaha with a spear gun!!! hahaha hes a boss!!! thanksgiving.... we have 4 dinners lined up, but now that i have gone through one thanksgiving and totally messed it up last year by going big at every meal, i now know this year i need to pace myself at every meal;) JUST KIDDING! i have a bet with some fellow missionaries on who can gain the most weight on thursday!! hahahah they dont know that i can eat pecan pie all day and not get tired of it;) i got this in the bag;) hahaha well i hope everybody has a great week with family and friends and remeber we all have so much to be grateful for!!!:):) love you guys!!
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

Friday, November 21, 2014

3 Baptisms and a visa waiter

Hey Brentwood!! Well another great week here in Great Falls!! It was a tough week but it was fun! it was transfer week which is normally a crazy time but for some reason this one was the craziest!!we were driving all over the place!! oh wait elder Curtis and I got a third companion!! haha he is a visa waiter, He is from Chuuk....any one know where that is?? hahaha its a tiny island in Micronesia! hahah he is a funny dude!! Its great cuz we don't understand him and he doesn't understand us so we just wait till he says something and then he laughs, so we just laugh with him hahaha its great! hahah but yeah  it was a tough week dealing with peoples problems and missionaries problems BUT it will all be worth it on Saturday, we will have 3 baptisims and one of the boys asked me to baptize him so im pretty stoked for that! man it will feel good to see these 3 sibilings get baptized!!! baptisims are great! so you guys know I am here in Montana in the negative degree weather while my lovley family is in Disneyland......hope you guys are having fun in the sun!!!!!! hahahaha just klidding I love being here and being a missionary is the best so ill take this over that anyday!! hahaha well hope everyone has a great week!!! ill talk to you next week!!! love you!!!

Love Elder Swishdaddy

Monday, November 10, 2014

-2 Hello Winter!!!

WINTER HAS HIT!!!!!! Holy smokes winter is here!! hahaha There is a lot of snow on the ground and it is freeeeezing!!! I think its 8 degrees right now!! Yeah so I realized that I spent the whole summer in Wyoming and that's why I love Wyoming and don't like montana, I havnt seen the green grass in montana yet and ive been on my mission for 14 months;) hahaha well it was another busy week, we are teaching a lot of lessons each week which is a lot of fun! But as missionaries when we teach people we ask them to do things, such as read the book of Mormon or pray or come to church! and when we ask them to do it we expect them to actually do it! haha and when they don't do these things then we have to stop going by and teaching them! So that happened a lot this week! we had a lot of people who arnt "progressing" so we have to drop them and go find people who want to progress! Its hard to do cuz its hard to find people! But it has to be done so this week we will be trying to find people who want to learn and progress! so it will be a fun week of finding and kocking doors in the snow!! hahaha but itll be good! it always pays off in the end!!! We got transfer calls yesterday and I will be staying here in great falls as a zone leader with elder curtis!!! We are so happy!! We have a lot of fun together and do a lot of good work! But this transfer is a 5 week transfer instead of 6 weeks cuz of Christmas!! weird to think Christmas is soooo close! hahaha but im excited for it! I will get to Skype home!!! Well ill try to stay warm here in montana hope its nice back in brentwood!!! Love you guys and miss you guys!!!! Be safe!!!

Love Elder Swishdaddy

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween football game

HEY!!! Well pretty decent week!! We are having some struggles getting the investigators we have into the baptisimal font!! So we are trying to figure out what we can do to help them make the best decision of their life!!!! haha But all is well we will figure it out!!:) Lifes good, on Halloween we went and worked the concessions stand at the football game! It was the Cross Town Game so Great Falls High vs. CMR The two schools here in town play and its a big deal haha everybody in town goes and this year it was on Halloween so everybody was dressed up! it was fun even though everybody thought we were dressed up in a costume hahaha but it was cool, we got seen by everyone so it was a good place for us to be.... but I didn't even get to watch one play so that stunk!! it was tourture I could here the players hitting and I wanted to go watch so badly! hahaha so food updates, our food calendar kinda slowed down for a little bit so we didn't have a lot of people signing up to feed us but yesterday the relief society prez bore her testimony in sacrament meeting and told everybody that its their job to feed us and the ward isn't doing it very well! so after church we got our calendar and every day was filled! so we wont starve after all, thank goodness!!!!! its the little things in mission work that make the big difference;) food is one of them!! Today will be a fun p-day. Our entire zone is coming to town and we are all going to do something fun together. well I hope everybody has a good week!! I miss everyone and ill talk to ya next week!!!

Love elder Swishdaddy!