Friday, November 21, 2014

3 Baptisms and a visa waiter

Hey Brentwood!! Well another great week here in Great Falls!! It was a tough week but it was fun! it was transfer week which is normally a crazy time but for some reason this one was the craziest!!we were driving all over the place!! oh wait elder Curtis and I got a third companion!! haha he is a visa waiter, He is from Chuuk....any one know where that is?? hahaha its a tiny island in Micronesia! hahah he is a funny dude!! Its great cuz we don't understand him and he doesn't understand us so we just wait till he says something and then he laughs, so we just laugh with him hahaha its great! hahah but yeah  it was a tough week dealing with peoples problems and missionaries problems BUT it will all be worth it on Saturday, we will have 3 baptisims and one of the boys asked me to baptize him so im pretty stoked for that! man it will feel good to see these 3 sibilings get baptized!!! baptisims are great! so you guys know I am here in Montana in the negative degree weather while my lovley family is in Disneyland......hope you guys are having fun in the sun!!!!!! hahahaha just klidding I love being here and being a missionary is the best so ill take this over that anyday!! hahaha well hope everyone has a great week!!! ill talk to you next week!!! love you!!!

Love Elder Swishdaddy

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