Monday, November 24, 2014


Hello Brentwood!!!!! Okay so as all of you know my most favorite holiday just past by this saturday... Turkey kill day! and i am pleased to anounce that it is the second turkey kill i have missed in my life and the LAST!!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! Holy smokes it feels good to know that i will be back killing turkeys in 363 days from today!!!!!! #GodBlessTurkeyKill hahaha well this week was a great week! In missionary work we want to see the people teach get baptized!!! And we had 3 baptisims this weekend!!!! Its the best feeling in the world!!! We teach these people, we go to there houses, we help them through struggles and its hard but man you grow to love them and when you finally get to see them get baptized, theres no greater feeling in the world!!! We know that baptisim is the first step to returning to our heavenly father and man do i love helping people make that step forward!!!! its even worth missing turkey kill day;) and thats saying a lot!!! hahaha We are having a lot of fun right now though, its been a blast teaching and being with elder curtis and now that we have our third companion elder massaou its even better! haha hes tired of the cold and is ready to get his visa to australlia back to the warm weather like his home in micronesia!!! we love him but its weird cuz hes not used to american cultures....or electricity or toliets or showers or hahahaha the list goes on!!! So its a small world. The missionary that found him in the jungle back on his island lives in montana! he lives about an hour away!!!! crazy huh?? so he came to see him and brought him warm clothes and stuff and he was telling us how big of a deal elder masaou is on his island!!! hahaha He is known as the best fisher on the island! They fish with spear guns and he can free dive up to 90 feet with out oxygen tanks!!! crazy!!!! He is the "shark killer" on the island hahaha he has pictures of him killing 5 foot great white sharks hahaha with a spear gun!!! hahaha hes a boss!!! thanksgiving.... we have 4 dinners lined up, but now that i have gone through one thanksgiving and totally messed it up last year by going big at every meal, i now know this year i need to pace myself at every meal;) JUST KIDDING! i have a bet with some fellow missionaries on who can gain the most weight on thursday!! hahahah they dont know that i can eat pecan pie all day and not get tired of it;) i got this in the bag;) hahaha well i hope everybody has a great week with family and friends and remeber we all have so much to be grateful for!!!:):) love you guys!!
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

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