Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!

HELLO!!!! well this was a great week!! Thanksgiving was AWESOME!!!!! well it was awesome in a very painful way... hahaha I ate way too much and was so full it hurt. It hurt to move, or laugh, or breath;) But hey it was totally worth it!!! So our first dinner was a traditional dinner with some good turkey and the works! So I went hard there and ate a ton!! But I was feeling good, but they have a long driveway so just in case I jogged behind the truck all the way down the drive way to make more room for our next dinner! (I felt like Rocky running in the snow...dream come true) but then we show up to our next dinner and I walked in and the first thing I saw... PRIME RIB!!!! Oh man thats where I gained all my weight!!! That poor prime rib had no idea what was coming his way! I destroyed it!!! but sadly thanksgiving came to an end and that will be my last one as a missionary! So last time I can try to get fat with out worrying about what girls think of me;) hahaha Friday I went on exchanges with some elders in our zone and it was a good exchange but on Saturday morning I started to not feel good but I made it through the day and came home that night and spent that night in the bathroom..... I weighed 195 before I got sick and I weighed myself this morning at 185, so the best weight loss program is to get sick and throw it all up? I like it! Just kidding it really stunk! I was down and out yesterday! But am feeling pretty good today! so I'll be back at it today!!  So the picture I attached is at the hospital. When we go to the hospital to give blessing we love to park in the special clergy parking spot! Its awesome. We are also still teaching two more siblings of the family we baptized last week. Hopefully they will get baptized soon. Well I think thats I got this week!! hope everyone has a great week!!! love you!!
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

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