Monday, December 29, 2014

5LB Candy bar!!!

Hello Brentwood!!!!! Well what a great Christmas!!!! I loved being able to skype home and see my awesome family!!! I didnt get to see Brianna and Kellan and little Eli but I heard their voices so I guess thats okay!!! hahaha I hope everybody else had a great christmas!!! So I have been on a candy eating tear, its a little scary BUT skyping home and remembering that I bet my dad I would come home under 200lbs...... its time to get serious!!! well at least step one is to think that I'm gonna get serious!;) hahaha it probably won't happen but I need to trick myself into thinking it will!!! First I need to finish eating the 5LB Hershey ba my mom sent me for Christmas! Thats right 5LBS!!! haha well it is sooooooo cold!!! It hasn't stopped snowing for a couple of days! There's so much snow on the ground its crazy! I want to say its growing on me.... but lets be real, its not! hahahaha but for some reason it doesn't matter how cold it is, I still have a blast doing this great work!! I love being a missionary it is so much fun!!! This has been the fastest year of my life.. I can't believe the year is coming to an end and that on friday I will be turning 20!!!!!! 20!?!?! thats old!!!(FYI missionaries except birthday boxes example:ties;) ) hahaha just kidding!!! Well I gotta get going and make a run for the truck in this freezing Montana weather!!! I love you guys and hope evrything is going well!!! I finally sent pictures....

Love, Elder Swishdaddy

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