Monday, September 29, 2014

Zone Leader in Great Falls

GOODBYE CODY:( Man I got the news that I'm being transferred!!! I'm headin back to where this whole journey started! hahaha Great Falls Montana here I come again!! But this time I'll be in the Two Rivers ward as a Zone Leader. But hopefully I'll get to see my old friends in the 5th ward!!! Yes thats right this is the place where the wind never stops and its gets colder than cold..... and I'm lucky enough to experience it twice in the winter!!!!;) brrrrrrr! I am sad to leave Cody but excited for a new adventure. It's been so good to be here I love it so much and the people here! I'll definitely be coming back!!!! Well this week was one of those weeks! hahaha everything bad that could have happened, happened!!! Some baptisms fell through and that was a bummer. Gotta take the good with the bad. Besides that I had the best dessert week of the mission! hahaha man so many brownies and so much ice cream! Its was great! I will get more ice cream tonight before I leave Cody. Tomorrow I start the long trek to Great Falls. Tomorrow I will drive to the mission home in Billings. Then on Wednesday we drive to Helena and then on to Great Falls. I have a great companion. His name is Elder Curtis and he is from Salem Utah. Well next time I write I'll be back in Great Falls so I'll talk to ya then!!! Have a great week!!!

Love Elder Swishdaddy
How do you like my tie? 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rocky Mountain Oyster!

hey Brentwood!!!! Well it was a great week here in Cody!!! Have i mentioned i love it here? Well i do! its the best!!!!! So we went on a hike last week and saw a moose and a lot of prints of other animals and it was a beautiful veiw! But after gettin home and looking at the pictures of myself..... i have some awesome tan lines!!!! Im sure my mom will post the pictures! hahaha man especially the neck tan from my white shirts everyday!! hahahaha it looks like i'm wearing sleeves... i'm proud of it! hahaha Well we taught a lot of lessons this week which kept us busy and that's always good! Our goal is to teach 20 lessons a week. This week we taught 30! And then my comp came down with a bad cold!!!:( we spent one day kept up in the house. i thought i was gonna go crazy!!! i hate working all day everyday and then all of a sudden come to a stop! i cant stop moving or ill go crazy!! so yeah that was a long day but the next day he was still really out of it but i made him go out and work but i told him not to talk cuz he would scare people away hahaha he sounds horrible right now!! haha but hes a good guy and had fun just walking around!! well my food story.... ROCKY MOUNTAIN OYSTERS!!!!! hahaha man i was a little sketched out not gonna lie but i tried it and it was actually really good!! i am a fan!!! We got fed dinner every night which is a big step up in this cody 1st ward! hahaha so i'm still just gettin fat waitin till i hit 18 months to start working out again hahaha gotta stalk up for this freezing winter!!;) Well i hope y'all have a good week!!!!

Love Elder Swishdaddy


Monday, September 15, 2014


Howdy brentwood!!! Well just another awesome week as a missionary!! I am currently with the cody first ward. I am on another exchange with them and will be here for the rest of the week!! Its cool cuz they go to church in the mural building!! Its this church thats half a museum!!! Everybody needs to come to cody and check it out, its way cool!!! So yeah its been fun! Well this week.... IT SNOWED!!!!! It already what the heck?!?! it just stopped snowing 3 months ago!!!!!!! hahaha so yeah we woke up to 5 inches of snow!!! A lot of the farmers took a huge loss, their beans were two weeks from being harvested and then the snow hit and wiped out most of them!! They went from being 240,00 dollars to barely 100,00 dollars if they are lucky. So yeah thanks snow!!!!!!:( hahaha so yesterday we got invited to go to a bbq with an investigator... we show up and there are 10 non members all drinking! hahaha reminded me of home with the swisher side of the family;) hahaha but yeah the bbq was kinda nasty so I was sketched out by the food, he said we were having shishkabobs and when he walked out of the house with them they were on dip sticks from old trucks!!!! hahahaha red red red red neck!!!!!!!!  hahaha they were pretty gross I won't lie but... I still ate like 5 of them hahaha cant help it;) well thats all I got this week!!! The pictures of the snow and my mission BFF that I got to see last week on temple day :) Love yall!!!

Love , Elder Swishdaddy

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Year Mark!!

Howdy brentwood!!!!! Well it was another great but crazy week!!!! I HIT MY YEAR MARK!!!!!!! It's crazy how fast everything has been going by!!! Its scarin me a little bit to think how fast the first year went by and knowing the next year will go even faster!!! got lots of work and little time to do it!! I love being a missionary! yeah your not the most loved person walking around town but hey I love the people and I love helping them come closer to Christ!! We got to go to Billings this last week and go to the temple and I got to hang out with my two favorite missionaries!!! Me and Elder Evensen were re-united and Elder Johnson who is now Elder Evensen's companion!!! they are studs I love them both to death!! so yeah that was fun to do this week! I have been on exchanges with the first ward elders helping them find some people to teach!! it has been a lot of fun, the first ward boundries cover all the way out in the country, half way to Powell so they cover all the farms!!! man farms are pretty I love it!! so yeah that was fun and different this week otherwise just the usual missionary work that i love!! well i hope yall have a good week!! love and miss yall!!!:)

P.S- Best food of the week was homemade Peach syrup on my waffles!!

Love elder Swishdaddy

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pickled Eggs!

Hello Everyone! 
We put another girl on date for september 20th and we had 2 lessons with her and her family this week! That was Awesome! Then tonight we will hopefully put another girl on date for september as well!!! So the work here is going great!! It's a fun time to be a missionary in Cody!! It rained every day this past week so it has been super muddy! A member got stuck and I had to get in the mud and help move stuff around.....big sacrifice for me;) Craziest thing that happend to me this week hmmmm well last night I get a call from a member saying "are you in a car accident?!?!" I was like "I'm on my bike hahah so no!" and he said "oh well there's some missionaries in a bad accident at walmart!" So I hung up and we biked the 4 miles to walmart and the first ward elders had hit another car pretty bad! Nobody was hurt or anything but the mission car was messed up pretty good!! But this is their second crash in two weeks with two different drivers!! So what does this mean?!?!?! Most likely we will get the car!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha heck yeah!!!!! Swishdaddy is back in the drivers seat and ditching the bikes!!!:):):) for my food portion of the email! hahaha I had some awesome pickled eggs!!! The thought and sight of them were gross but of course I was going to try it! And it was actually really really good!!!! They were died with beats so it was neon purple hahaha! My comp wasn't a big fan of them but I was a fan!! We get to go to the temple on Thursday as a mission!! I'm so pumped! I haven't been in 6 months!! And it'll be good to see all my buddies too!! My pants are still fitting like champs so no worries there!! I'm feeling really good and I'm happy!! Life is great! Well I love you guys and miss you guys a lot but I'll see y'all real soon!!!:)

Love Elder Swishdaddy