Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rocky Mountain Oyster!

hey Brentwood!!!! Well it was a great week here in Cody!!! Have i mentioned i love it here? Well i do! its the best!!!!! So we went on a hike last week and saw a moose and a lot of prints of other animals and it was a beautiful veiw! But after gettin home and looking at the pictures of myself..... i have some awesome tan lines!!!! Im sure my mom will post the pictures! hahaha man especially the neck tan from my white shirts everyday!! hahahaha it looks like i'm wearing sleeves... i'm proud of it! hahaha Well we taught a lot of lessons this week which kept us busy and that's always good! Our goal is to teach 20 lessons a week. This week we taught 30! And then my comp came down with a bad cold!!!:( we spent one day kept up in the house. i thought i was gonna go crazy!!! i hate working all day everyday and then all of a sudden come to a stop! i cant stop moving or ill go crazy!! so yeah that was a long day but the next day he was still really out of it but i made him go out and work but i told him not to talk cuz he would scare people away hahaha he sounds horrible right now!! haha but hes a good guy and had fun just walking around!! well my food story.... ROCKY MOUNTAIN OYSTERS!!!!! hahaha man i was a little sketched out not gonna lie but i tried it and it was actually really good!! i am a fan!!! We got fed dinner every night which is a big step up in this cody 1st ward! hahaha so i'm still just gettin fat waitin till i hit 18 months to start working out again hahaha gotta stalk up for this freezing winter!!;) Well i hope y'all have a good week!!!!

Love Elder Swishdaddy


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