Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Year Mark!!

Howdy brentwood!!!!! Well it was another great but crazy week!!!! I HIT MY YEAR MARK!!!!!!! It's crazy how fast everything has been going by!!! Its scarin me a little bit to think how fast the first year went by and knowing the next year will go even faster!!! got lots of work and little time to do it!! I love being a missionary! yeah your not the most loved person walking around town but hey I love the people and I love helping them come closer to Christ!! We got to go to Billings this last week and go to the temple and I got to hang out with my two favorite missionaries!!! Me and Elder Evensen were re-united and Elder Johnson who is now Elder Evensen's companion!!! they are studs I love them both to death!! so yeah that was fun to do this week! I have been on exchanges with the first ward elders helping them find some people to teach!! it has been a lot of fun, the first ward boundries cover all the way out in the country, half way to Powell so they cover all the farms!!! man farms are pretty I love it!! so yeah that was fun and different this week otherwise just the usual missionary work that i love!! well i hope yall have a good week!! love and miss yall!!!:)

P.S- Best food of the week was homemade Peach syrup on my waffles!!

Love elder Swishdaddy

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