Monday, September 15, 2014


Howdy brentwood!!! Well just another awesome week as a missionary!! I am currently with the cody first ward. I am on another exchange with them and will be here for the rest of the week!! Its cool cuz they go to church in the mural building!! Its this church thats half a museum!!! Everybody needs to come to cody and check it out, its way cool!!! So yeah its been fun! Well this week.... IT SNOWED!!!!! It already what the heck?!?! it just stopped snowing 3 months ago!!!!!!! hahaha so yeah we woke up to 5 inches of snow!!! A lot of the farmers took a huge loss, their beans were two weeks from being harvested and then the snow hit and wiped out most of them!! They went from being 240,00 dollars to barely 100,00 dollars if they are lucky. So yeah thanks snow!!!!!!:( hahaha so yesterday we got invited to go to a bbq with an investigator... we show up and there are 10 non members all drinking! hahaha reminded me of home with the swisher side of the family;) hahaha but yeah the bbq was kinda nasty so I was sketched out by the food, he said we were having shishkabobs and when he walked out of the house with them they were on dip sticks from old trucks!!!! hahahaha red red red red neck!!!!!!!!  hahaha they were pretty gross I won't lie but... I still ate like 5 of them hahaha cant help it;) well thats all I got this week!!! The pictures of the snow and my mission BFF that I got to see last week on temple day :) Love yall!!!

Love , Elder Swishdaddy

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