Monday, January 27, 2014

I am a sucker!

HELLO!!!!! So this week was a pretty solid week! It started off last monday after i was done emailing me and my companion and another companionship went to the mall to look in scheels! I LOVE SCHEELS so i was pumped!!! But as we are walking to the store this little booth thing called us over. The lady selling stuff is a member of the church and she was trying to sell us these electronic things that you hook up to your muscles and it like works them out or something like that. And she was trying hard she let me test it out and it felt really weird hahaha but i wasnt going to buy this dumb thing.... right? Well those of you at home know me and that i love infomericals and im a sucker for buying dumb things off tv.... SHE SOLD THIS DUMB THING TO ME!!!!! The worst part is it broke that night!!! hahaha such a rip off but hey when it was working it was pretty cool;) hahaha Geez im emabrrssed just telling that story!! hahaha Well now that the funny story is out of the way time for a really cool story. So this week we were trying to find less active members of the church and help them come back to church. So we have this one addres for a women who is 23 and we were like cool lets go see her, so we head out to her house and i knock on the door and her dad answers and i ask him for his daughter and he just started crying. And so i asked him if he was okay and he said 'my daughter passed away 2 years ago" and my heart just sunk. This poor guy has been out here mourning the death of his daughter and nobody has come to check on him. He told me he is mad at God for taking his daughter. But i conviced him to let us in and when we got in i shared some scriptures with him and bore my testimony to him that it was gods plan for her and that because of the plan of salvation he will see her again one day. And that it is sad to loose a close family member but he should be happy she is out of pain and out of worries she is happy now. And i honestly dont remeber all that i told him. He told me he really apreciated us coming out to see him and that he was gonna come to church. So we went to his house again last night and he said he felt so good being back at church and that he hasnt felt that happy in a long time. It was amazing to see the change in his eyes. I love that im able to be a missionary and see these things. I love to see the change in people when they see that this gospel is true. i know that it is true and i know it can bless everybodys lives! But hey today ill try not to buy anymore non sence things that are just gonna break the night i buy them;) hahaha guess ill just never grow out of somethings;) hahaha Well everybody i love you all and i miss you all!! i cant wait to see you in 19 months!! itll come fast so get ready;)
LOVE, Elder Swishdaddy

So there were some new cars getting delivered to the mission. I was promised the one truck that was coming would be mine to drive. I was so excited! When I went to pick up the truck the mission president decided he would be driving it! I was so bummed. But this new car is awesome too!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Spaghetti Again!

HELLO BRENTWOOD!!!!!!!! So this week went by FAST!!! But it was a very good week! It started off with us visiting our new investagator and we put him on date for baptisim for febuary 8th!! So that was a good way to start off the week! He is a cool kid, he is a little different but he cracks me up! So this week me and my companion are just strolling down the street about to go home for the night when all of a sudden this big ol truck comes flying by and swerves into the slush/water right next to the sidewalk and sprays me.... needless to say i wasnt the happiest person to be around hahaha but anyways because i serve in a young single adult ward we get to attend their activities. So every tuseday and thurseday they have whats called Institute which is just a church class during the week so that they can stay focused and keep on the right path while in college. But they are awesome! like its actually fun to go to! haha They have a 45 min lesson and its great you feel the spirit very strongly there! but then after us missionaries get to talk to all the kids who brought their friends... GOLD MINE!!!!! They get stuck with us talking to them;) hhaha but its good stuff, lets see oh yeah so this week is transferr week!!! But I found out that i will be staying in the ward for another transfer(6 weeks) so im pretty pumped about that! So weird at the end of this transfer i will have been out for 6 months!!!!!! CRAZY!!!!!! It is flying by! Before you know it Brentwood is gonna have to deal with me again;) hahaha So we helped move this family this week with some other elders and when we were done they puuled out these fresh steaks straight from their farm!! So ive decided that along with my pigs back at home i have to add a cow! man it was bomb!!!! toatlly worth the heavy piano and dressers and stuff hahaha So being in the singles ward when they feed us dinner we go to their house and the mom usually cooks and then goes in the other room while we all talk and eat. I have never had so much spaghetti in my life! If you know me, you know I hate spaghetti. So I figured out a way to eat it so I like it. I don't put sauce on and I just put salt and pepper on the noodles. I realized that I like the noodles just not the sauce. I know weird! so everybody have a great week!! I love and miss everybody!!
LOVE, elder swishdaddy

Monday, January 13, 2014

First baptism! and pics!

  • Well everyone...It was another exciting week here in Montana. I was able to go back to my last area in Shepherd and speak at a baptism!! It was so awesome!! I have found a love for speaking in public. Uh oh! Sounds like Brook and my dad. Anyway I like making people laugh :) So I also got to go on another road trip with the AP's (assistant to the president). We traveled to every zone in the mission in just three days!!! It was crazy! but fun. We stayed one night with a barley farmer. He had 5000 acres of barley. We had to move missionaries around the mission. We usually only transfer every six weeks but this time there has been a lot of transfers in the middle of our regular transfer. So we picked up missionaries and dropped off missionaries. I am excited that a lot of my friends back home are getting ready to turn in their mission papers or are getting ready to leave. Love chatting with them about the mission life!!! So we have been in the 30's here. Nice and toasty! haha so much better than -51! So we had a miracle at church yesterday. We walked into church and this guy came in and said "my parents said if I want to meet nice friends to hang out with that I should check out the Mormon church". So we are teaching him tomorrow night. We are so excited! So that is all from Montana. I love you all. 
Love Elder Swishdaddy

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shotgunned and Pictures!

Hello people!! So I am now in Billings. An Elder went home a few weeks early to start school. Me and an Elder that was in the MTC with me got shotgunned into the Young Single Adult ward!! Shotgunned means two elders new to the area. Usually there is at least one elder that has been in the area awhile. So shotgunning is interesting because neither one of the elders knows the area or the people. Its pretty cool cuz everybody there is my age! It'll be fun to work at the college and trying find new people to teach!! Lets see, so Billings is huge compared to everywhere else I've been!!! I forgot what stop lights were! haha I get lost driving cuz I'm used to a couple of roads and one freeway now there are a ton of streets and I actually have to know where I'm driving! haha But I'm liking it so far! I had a really good birthday, I was nervous cuz I thought I would be really homesick on that day but it turned out really good. My companions made me a nice steak dinner and they made a birthday cake so I got lucky:) haha BIG NEWS... I started working out hahaha I'm sore all the time but its better than being a fat missionary!! I live in an apartment now so its the first time I don't live in someones basement so that's pretty sick. I feel like a real adult haha but I miss going upstairs and having free food... but lets be real its probably better for me this way;) hahaha But yeah that's the life of elder swisher right now! So right before I moved we were getting ready for a baptism. I was asked to give the baptism talk. I was bummed that I would miss it. But I asked permission to go back for the baptism and they said yes! I will post pictures. Also over the holidays companions and I sang in a Christmas program...just the three of us. We also got to sing at a retirement home. It is hard not to laugh when we sing together because one of my comps is tone deaf. He sings TERRIBLE!! haha  Well I hope everybody is doing good I love and miss everybody!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE, Elder Swishdaddy

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to me!

hello everybody!!! I hope everybody had a great Christmas!! It was weird not being at home. But I enjoyed skyping my family! I love them and miss them like crazy!!! Lets see so after we skyped our families the house we were at had a nerf war so we had a giant war for like an hour!! So that was awesome! And then me and one of my companions had an eating contest all day to see who could eat more sweets.... we called a truce we ate so much garbage I felt like crap that night!!! Lets just say I need to start working out.... hahaha but yeah its weird my birthday is this week! 19?!?!?! I feel like an old fat guy now!!! haha So one of the fun things I get to do in Montana is shoot cross bows on our pday. We also play a lot of basketball on pday! I am so excited because we have four people on track to be baptized. I will keep you posted. When I skyped my family I showed them my shoes. Four months ago they were brand new. The tread is gone, the soles are coming off, and instead of black they look grayish white. I am going to save them to show my kids how hard I worked on my mission. I love being a missionary! I have learned so much! Well I'm out of time on my emailing so have a great week i love you all and miss everybody!!!! I will send some pictures next week.

love, elder swishdaddy