Monday, January 20, 2014

Spaghetti Again!

HELLO BRENTWOOD!!!!!!!! So this week went by FAST!!! But it was a very good week! It started off with us visiting our new investagator and we put him on date for baptisim for febuary 8th!! So that was a good way to start off the week! He is a cool kid, he is a little different but he cracks me up! So this week me and my companion are just strolling down the street about to go home for the night when all of a sudden this big ol truck comes flying by and swerves into the slush/water right next to the sidewalk and sprays me.... needless to say i wasnt the happiest person to be around hahaha but anyways because i serve in a young single adult ward we get to attend their activities. So every tuseday and thurseday they have whats called Institute which is just a church class during the week so that they can stay focused and keep on the right path while in college. But they are awesome! like its actually fun to go to! haha They have a 45 min lesson and its great you feel the spirit very strongly there! but then after us missionaries get to talk to all the kids who brought their friends... GOLD MINE!!!!! They get stuck with us talking to them;) hhaha but its good stuff, lets see oh yeah so this week is transferr week!!! But I found out that i will be staying in the ward for another transfer(6 weeks) so im pretty pumped about that! So weird at the end of this transfer i will have been out for 6 months!!!!!! CRAZY!!!!!! It is flying by! Before you know it Brentwood is gonna have to deal with me again;) hahaha So we helped move this family this week with some other elders and when we were done they puuled out these fresh steaks straight from their farm!! So ive decided that along with my pigs back at home i have to add a cow! man it was bomb!!!! toatlly worth the heavy piano and dressers and stuff hahaha So being in the singles ward when they feed us dinner we go to their house and the mom usually cooks and then goes in the other room while we all talk and eat. I have never had so much spaghetti in my life! If you know me, you know I hate spaghetti. So I figured out a way to eat it so I like it. I don't put sauce on and I just put salt and pepper on the noodles. I realized that I like the noodles just not the sauce. I know weird! so everybody have a great week!! I love and miss everybody!!
LOVE, elder swishdaddy

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