Monday, January 13, 2014

First baptism! and pics!

  • Well everyone...It was another exciting week here in Montana. I was able to go back to my last area in Shepherd and speak at a baptism!! It was so awesome!! I have found a love for speaking in public. Uh oh! Sounds like Brook and my dad. Anyway I like making people laugh :) So I also got to go on another road trip with the AP's (assistant to the president). We traveled to every zone in the mission in just three days!!! It was crazy! but fun. We stayed one night with a barley farmer. He had 5000 acres of barley. We had to move missionaries around the mission. We usually only transfer every six weeks but this time there has been a lot of transfers in the middle of our regular transfer. So we picked up missionaries and dropped off missionaries. I am excited that a lot of my friends back home are getting ready to turn in their mission papers or are getting ready to leave. Love chatting with them about the mission life!!! So we have been in the 30's here. Nice and toasty! haha so much better than -51! So we had a miracle at church yesterday. We walked into church and this guy came in and said "my parents said if I want to meet nice friends to hang out with that I should check out the Mormon church". So we are teaching him tomorrow night. We are so excited! So that is all from Montana. I love you all. 
Love Elder Swishdaddy

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