Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shotgunned and Pictures!

Hello people!! So I am now in Billings. An Elder went home a few weeks early to start school. Me and an Elder that was in the MTC with me got shotgunned into the Young Single Adult ward!! Shotgunned means two elders new to the area. Usually there is at least one elder that has been in the area awhile. So shotgunning is interesting because neither one of the elders knows the area or the people. Its pretty cool cuz everybody there is my age! It'll be fun to work at the college and trying find new people to teach!! Lets see, so Billings is huge compared to everywhere else I've been!!! I forgot what stop lights were! haha I get lost driving cuz I'm used to a couple of roads and one freeway now there are a ton of streets and I actually have to know where I'm driving! haha But I'm liking it so far! I had a really good birthday, I was nervous cuz I thought I would be really homesick on that day but it turned out really good. My companions made me a nice steak dinner and they made a birthday cake so I got lucky:) haha BIG NEWS... I started working out hahaha I'm sore all the time but its better than being a fat missionary!! I live in an apartment now so its the first time I don't live in someones basement so that's pretty sick. I feel like a real adult haha but I miss going upstairs and having free food... but lets be real its probably better for me this way;) hahaha But yeah that's the life of elder swisher right now! So right before I moved we were getting ready for a baptism. I was asked to give the baptism talk. I was bummed that I would miss it. But I asked permission to go back for the baptism and they said yes! I will post pictures. Also over the holidays companions and I sang in a Christmas program...just the three of us. We also got to sing at a retirement home. It is hard not to laugh when we sing together because one of my comps is tone deaf. He sings TERRIBLE!! haha  Well I hope everybody is doing good I love and miss everybody!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVE, Elder Swishdaddy

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