Monday, January 27, 2014

I am a sucker!

HELLO!!!!! So this week was a pretty solid week! It started off last monday after i was done emailing me and my companion and another companionship went to the mall to look in scheels! I LOVE SCHEELS so i was pumped!!! But as we are walking to the store this little booth thing called us over. The lady selling stuff is a member of the church and she was trying to sell us these electronic things that you hook up to your muscles and it like works them out or something like that. And she was trying hard she let me test it out and it felt really weird hahaha but i wasnt going to buy this dumb thing.... right? Well those of you at home know me and that i love infomericals and im a sucker for buying dumb things off tv.... SHE SOLD THIS DUMB THING TO ME!!!!! The worst part is it broke that night!!! hahaha such a rip off but hey when it was working it was pretty cool;) hahaha Geez im emabrrssed just telling that story!! hahaha Well now that the funny story is out of the way time for a really cool story. So this week we were trying to find less active members of the church and help them come back to church. So we have this one addres for a women who is 23 and we were like cool lets go see her, so we head out to her house and i knock on the door and her dad answers and i ask him for his daughter and he just started crying. And so i asked him if he was okay and he said 'my daughter passed away 2 years ago" and my heart just sunk. This poor guy has been out here mourning the death of his daughter and nobody has come to check on him. He told me he is mad at God for taking his daughter. But i conviced him to let us in and when we got in i shared some scriptures with him and bore my testimony to him that it was gods plan for her and that because of the plan of salvation he will see her again one day. And that it is sad to loose a close family member but he should be happy she is out of pain and out of worries she is happy now. And i honestly dont remeber all that i told him. He told me he really apreciated us coming out to see him and that he was gonna come to church. So we went to his house again last night and he said he felt so good being back at church and that he hasnt felt that happy in a long time. It was amazing to see the change in his eyes. I love that im able to be a missionary and see these things. I love to see the change in people when they see that this gospel is true. i know that it is true and i know it can bless everybodys lives! But hey today ill try not to buy anymore non sence things that are just gonna break the night i buy them;) hahaha guess ill just never grow out of somethings;) hahaha Well everybody i love you all and i miss you all!! i cant wait to see you in 19 months!! itll come fast so get ready;)
LOVE, Elder Swishdaddy

So there were some new cars getting delivered to the mission. I was promised the one truck that was coming would be mine to drive. I was so excited! When I went to pick up the truck the mission president decided he would be driving it! I was so bummed. But this new car is awesome too!

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