Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mission boundaries change!

Well call me a resident of Great falls..... I'M STAYING!!! haha here's to another 6 weeks!! So at the end of this transfer I will have been here for almost 9 months!! That's not counting the four months I spent here at the beginning of my mission. I'm happy to stay though, we have some great work going and it's just a great place to be! Elder Barney will be staying with me, and our third companion is leaving us. So it'll just be the two of us! I have had a lot of third companions in this area so I'm happy to be just back down to two! makes things a lot easier!  So last preperation day me and elder barney were playing basketball and we were trying to figure out something to do, so we came up with this soccer game and we were just kicking the ball as hard as we could at eachother for like 45 minutes, it was fun. But then we woke up on Tuesday and we were so sore. It's pathetic how out of shape I am. hahaha but anyways this week we found 2 more new investigators!!! Its been going great here! Its been a ton of fun finding these people who need the gospel in their lives! We still have several on date for baptism this month. So as of today our mission boundries changed!! we lost the Glendive Stake (eastern part of montana) and then we lost the Riverton Stake ( down in Wyoming) but we are gaining the Gilete Wyoming Stake! Its pretty crazy, the missionaries who were in those areas are now no longer in our mission but moved missions with the changes! I thought it would be kinda fun to be one of those missionaries but I'm glad im staying here in my home Great Falls, so I started my mission here, I might as well finish here.... haha I can do 4 more months here, why the heck not!! well life is good, I think thats all I got for ya this week! have a good week!! love you!!
Elder Swishdaddy

Friday, April 24, 2015

Water falls and bomb nachos!

Hello Brentwood!! Its been a great week!! On Tuesday we drove to Helena and dropped off Elder McGrath and picked up Elder Barney! Elder Barney is so sick! He likes to fish and hunt and he loves baseball, so we are basically the same person! haha We get along really well! We did some really good work this week, we were able to find 6 new investigators!! And we were able to put 3 of our investigators on date for baptism!!! it'll be fun to help them prepare and get ready for that great day of baptism!!! So yeah Great Falls is doing good!! I know I've been here for decades now, but I want to stay one more transfer here to try to finish helping some of these people get baptized!! I've been working with some of them for a loooong time!! But we will find out transfer news next week! So last night for dinner we had some bomb nachos!!!! The ward feeds us so good, its great! haha Elder Barney was told he was gonna gain weight here in the Two Rivers ward! haha fat and happy is the only way to be a missionary! haha Everybody is breakin out their boats and gettin ready for the heat of fishing around here! Its sweet, these guys are serious about their fishing I love it! The weather has been pretty good! We got some rain at the begning of the week but has been nice and sunny ever since! I'm pumped for this Friday, one of my old companions who finished their mission and is home is coming back to visit the mission and he is stopping by Great Falls on Friday and is gonna take us to lunch! It'll be good to see him and catch up with him! Should be fun! Last week on Pday we went to see the actual Great Falls! I have lived here a year of my mission and I finally went to see the falls. We saw the Missouri River and also the shortest river in the country is here. It was really beautiful. We also got to meet Hank Smith. He is a popular speaker in the church. He was really good. I added pictures so you could see. Well I think thats all I got for you guys! Hope all is well and that everybody has a safe week!! love you!!
Love, Elder Swishdaddy 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Crazy week!!!

Crazy Crazy week!!! Never a dull momet here! its great!!! We had a very good week with tracting and finding new people to teach!! Its been a lot of fun to have sucsess and add to our teaching pool!! This week we added 4 new investigators. It makes being a missionary even more fun! Now to get them to baptism. Well we got some news this last week, my comp Elder McGrath is being mid transferred to be the Assistant in the office!! He's excited to go and help out in Billings! I'm excited for him he's gonna do a great job! Its weird though, me and him have been companions for a long time now, 3 transfers so it'll be weird not having him around! haha But my new companion is Elder Barney! I don't know to much about him yet, I get to go and pick him up tomorrow in Helena! Its gonna be fun though. I'm excited to switch some things up a bit! transfers aren't for another two weeks, so I wonder if this means that I'll stay in Great Falls another transfer... hmmm! well I got sick this week as well, that is never fun while on a mission. My best friend has been DayQuil. I carry it around with me all day.... not sure if that is okay to do but it helps me keep knocking doors!! So I'll stick with it! haha this week the sun is supposed to be out shining bright! So my goal is to try an get that tan back before I get home... don't want to get back to California with my Montana whiteness...... well I hope everybody has a great week I'll talk to ya next week love you!!!
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spam and Eggs!

Well it was a great week!!! We had a sweet Easter! Well usually members feed us like every night, and the area I'm in is really good about feeding the missionaries but for some reason they didn't sign up on Easter..... so for my easter meal I had some nice Spam and eggs!!!! Honestly I love spam and eggs so I wasn't too sad!! We had another good week though, we were able to find some more people to teach!! We are currently teaching 15 people!! always a good week when we find people to share this great message with! It's weird though, I hit my 19 month mark!!! Crazinessssss!!!!! It's going by so fast! Let's, see so we got to take our suit coats off this week which is the best!! But as soon as we took them off the next day it snowed.... but because I'm a hard head and hate wearing my suit coat we stuck it out and wore short sleeves in the snow!! It was only like 19 degrees though so it wasn't in the negatives!! but yeah, no way in heck the weather will make me put that coat back on until my plane ride home;) haha I hope everybody's easter was good though, I love Easter! It's such a great day we get to have to really focus on the Savior Jesus Christ and all that he has done for us, mainly the resurection! what a beatiful gift!!:) And conference weekend is the best! I loved Elder Holland's talk. He is such great speaker. Well I hope everybody is safe and doing well I love and miss everybody!!! Opening night tonight, eat a hot dog for me pops!! LETS GO OAKLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder Swishdaddy