Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Crazy week!!!

Crazy Crazy week!!! Never a dull momet here! its great!!! We had a very good week with tracting and finding new people to teach!! Its been a lot of fun to have sucsess and add to our teaching pool!! This week we added 4 new investigators. It makes being a missionary even more fun! Now to get them to baptism. Well we got some news this last week, my comp Elder McGrath is being mid transferred to be the Assistant in the office!! He's excited to go and help out in Billings! I'm excited for him he's gonna do a great job! Its weird though, me and him have been companions for a long time now, 3 transfers so it'll be weird not having him around! haha But my new companion is Elder Barney! I don't know to much about him yet, I get to go and pick him up tomorrow in Helena! Its gonna be fun though. I'm excited to switch some things up a bit! transfers aren't for another two weeks, so I wonder if this means that I'll stay in Great Falls another transfer... hmmm! well I got sick this week as well, that is never fun while on a mission. My best friend has been DayQuil. I carry it around with me all day.... not sure if that is okay to do but it helps me keep knocking doors!! So I'll stick with it! haha this week the sun is supposed to be out shining bright! So my goal is to try an get that tan back before I get home... don't want to get back to California with my Montana whiteness...... well I hope everybody has a great week I'll talk to ya next week love you!!!
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

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