Monday, April 28, 2014

Jail? and face plant!

Hello Brentwood!!! Well just another awesome week in the mission field!! Lets see this week the weather has been really good except for today it is raining but I can deal with that as long as its not snow;) Its so beautiful here I love it. Well I finally have a fun story! So yesterday we get a call from somebody in our ward and she wants us to teach her daughter.... who is in jail! hahaha it was intense walking through the jail and then sitting with a phone talking through glass to someone wearing all orange! hahaha! crazy times! haha! But she was very nice and liked our message so hey it wasn't a waste! But yeah thought that was an interesting experience! Let's see so Thermopolis is getting ready for hayin season! So we were able to help clean out some barns and get things ready for the new hay! I'm excited for it, I'm sure we will be asked to help out cuttin the hay and bailin it! I've been told though that once hayin season is over the town gets pretty ugly everything turns brown and it gets hot and desserty lookin so I'm enjoying it while it lasts;) hahaha But yeah I cant believe it's almost May....Where has the time gone?! I'll be hittin my 8 month mark pretty soon and that is a scary thing! hahaha Time is goin by fast I feel like it was just yesterday I was sayin bye and headin to the MTC! oh wait I got another story! So we are walking down the street and this dog escapes his leash and bolts under this barbed wire fence and this little kid was so worried so I was thinking in my head "you can jump that fence...right?" so here's Elder Swisher (wearing pants that are a little tight because I've gained some weight) drop my stuff and try to jump this fence...... well because my pants were a little tight I couldn't get my legs over this barbed wire fence and my shins caught the fence and I face planted on the dirt..... hahahaha pride shot down hahaha So as I'm laying there with my pants and shins shredded by the this stuipid fence I watched the dog just keep on running and my companion just keep on laughing at me! haha hopefully the kid got that dumb dog back haha! so yeah needless to say white men can't jump. hahaha well I think thats all I got for y'all! Hope you have a great week and are staying warm!! I love and miss everyone!

Love, Elder Swishdaddy

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

smells like cow POOP!!!

Hey Brentwood!!!! Well say goodbye to Montana and say hello to Thermopolis Wyoming!!!!!!!!!! Im so pumped!!! I am in love with it down here! The people are so nice and love to just wave at us and have us do service!! So I am training a new missionary and his name is Elder Archie. He is from the LA area and has never smelt cow poop in his life...... good thing for him no matter where you go in thermopolis it smells like cow poop... I love it:) hahaha He's cool though, he's brand spankin new from the MTC  (Missionary Training Center) and was a little scared his first day but is now settling in nicely! Well I was assigned to drive a new mission truck from Billings to Thermopolis and it was such a pretty drive! Deer everywhere and antelope! There are literally rivers everywhere you look that are beggin me to fish them!! So yeah that was pretty awesome!! But yeah other than that lets seeeeee...... The wether is awesome! I forgot what the sun was like and it is feelin great on my skin!! hahah Here in Thermopolis we have several investigators and a lot of less actives we are working with, so I am excited to get to work! I hope Easter was good and that we all  are able to remember the reason of Easter! Its crazy to think of how our Savior Jesus Christ beat physical death and was resurrected. What an amazing blessing for everyone in the world no matter what religon or faith or bad or good everyone will have a perfected body. I'm grateful for Jesus Christ and the example he is to me and everything he has done for me and everybody else!! Love y'all and hope its a good safe week:)
LOVE, Elder Swishdaddy

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Free Golf!!!

Hello everyone,
So this letter is going to be short. I have an important appointment. The local golf course lets ministers golf for free on Monday's. So tee time is at 11:00!!! Well I have had a couple of great weeks. After my companion went home I was the temporary traveling AP (assistant to President). I was on the road dropping off and picking up missionaries. So for the big news....I am training again....I get my new missionary on Wednesday. And bigger news we are shotgunning (both new in the area) in.....Thermopolis Wyoming. A town of 5,000 and a lot of members there. Next week I will let you know how Wyoming is. The picture below is of Elder Evenson. I met him in my first area and we saw each other at the mission home. Friends for life. Well gotta go golf! Love and miss you all. 

Elder Swishdaddy

Monday, April 7, 2014

Dog suffering from second hand smoke!!

Hello!! So this was a crazy busy week!! But was tons of fun!! We got to teach a lot of people that haven't been coming to church. We literally had no time to think this week wich is good cuz that makes things fun!! Crazy to say that next week is the new transfer!! 6 weeks has already came and past and we shall see where i end up! It sounds like i probably will be transferd...... Yet again!!! hahaha Man if i do get transferred i hope i stay in that area for a LOOOOONNNNGGG time! hahaha im getting tired of packing and unpacking haha!! So i feel bad cuz i didnt tell you all about general confrence that happened this weekend!!! So General confrence is when the prophet of god and his councilors talk to us!! It is always so powerful and you can feel the Holy Ghost so strongly!!!!! It is such a comfort to me to know that there is a prophet on earth who recieves revelation for all of us and as long as we hear his words and follow them that we are following Gods will for us. WHAT A BLESSING!!:) So I worked out for 5 days last week!!! i want to say i feel good but i just feel sore.... so i ate my sorness away with dessert last night... Cherry pie is my weakness and i may have eaten almost half a pie after dinner and then they gave the rest to me and i had some more before bed;) thats what i call "feelin good";) haha i decided ill start my diet and work outs after trsansfers.... hopefully.... hahaha ill keep you updated on that. If you start to not recognize my pictures cuz it looks like i ate myself... let me know and i will know its time to start;) Well funny story for the week.... So we go to this trailer park and knock on this door and this lady opend up and let us in. It smelled like smoke so badly that i coughed walking in...It looked like it was foggy in her trailer i could barley see her!! So anyway we are just sitting there talking to her and i hear this weird noise. I literally have never heard this noise before and i just ignored it and went on but a few seconds later it happend again and me and my companion looked at eachother hahaha so i asked her... "Umm whats that noise?" Shes like ohh thats my dog peanut! hahahahahaha i look behind the couch and this dog coughs like a human!!! like seriously the weirdest thing i have ever seen and heard!! this poor dog has second hand smoke so bad hahahaha it was crazy... maybe just one of those things you had to be there for;) hahaha well thats all i got for ya this week!! I hope you all have a great week and are safe!!:) i love and miss everybody!!!!
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Crazy few Weeks!

Well Brentwood, Its been a crazy few weeks. My companion was sent home but its better for him to be home and get the help he needs so im grateful he's there and I pray he will be okay:) I'm grateful for the lessons he taught me. He helped me grow more than any other companion just not in the way we would excpect. I have grown now from looking back on what happened and am grateful for the struggles and trials I went through. Well enough of that.... who knows how to turn off the cold weather? I'm sick of it hahaha Montana has set a record of snow fall for themselves.... everybody here is so proud of that, why on earth is that even an accomplishment?!?!?! hahaha seriously bring on the springtime and the sun cuz this cold white stuff just aint flyin with me anymore. But i have been transffered!!! I'm still in billings but just a different ward!!! Its been so great so far!! For now im a happy camper in Billings gettin fat!! Yes ITs official..... my waste has moved from 32 inches to 34 inches..... Now thats an acomplishment!!!!!;) hahaha I keep trying to tell myself im gonna work out buuuuuuuut its not looking like its working;) i scare myself everymorning when i look in the miror before i shower hahahaha it looks like the app where you make your self look fat except i can just delete the fat picture cuz its real life.... hahahaha So i love being a missionary and i love helping other people learn about our savior. I wish everyone would pray to feel his love more abundently in their lives so they can see the happiness that comes for him! Well thats my speel for the week! I love you all and miss you all and miss brentwood!! Hope everyone has a great week!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Swishdaddy