Tuesday, April 22, 2014

smells like cow POOP!!!

Hey Brentwood!!!! Well say goodbye to Montana and say hello to Thermopolis Wyoming!!!!!!!!!! Im so pumped!!! I am in love with it down here! The people are so nice and love to just wave at us and have us do service!! So I am training a new missionary and his name is Elder Archie. He is from the LA area and has never smelt cow poop in his life...... good thing for him no matter where you go in thermopolis it smells like cow poop... I love it:) hahaha He's cool though, he's brand spankin new from the MTC  (Missionary Training Center) and was a little scared his first day but is now settling in nicely! Well I was assigned to drive a new mission truck from Billings to Thermopolis and it was such a pretty drive! Deer everywhere and antelope! There are literally rivers everywhere you look that are beggin me to fish them!! So yeah that was pretty awesome!! But yeah other than that lets seeeeee...... The wether is awesome! I forgot what the sun was like and it is feelin great on my skin!! hahah Here in Thermopolis we have several investigators and a lot of less actives we are working with, so I am excited to get to work! I hope Easter was good and that we all  are able to remember the reason of Easter! Its crazy to think of how our Savior Jesus Christ beat physical death and was resurrected. What an amazing blessing for everyone in the world no matter what religon or faith or bad or good everyone will have a perfected body. I'm grateful for Jesus Christ and the example he is to me and everything he has done for me and everybody else!! Love y'all and hope its a good safe week:)
LOVE, Elder Swishdaddy

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