Monday, April 28, 2014

Jail? and face plant!

Hello Brentwood!!! Well just another awesome week in the mission field!! Lets see this week the weather has been really good except for today it is raining but I can deal with that as long as its not snow;) Its so beautiful here I love it. Well I finally have a fun story! So yesterday we get a call from somebody in our ward and she wants us to teach her daughter.... who is in jail! hahaha it was intense walking through the jail and then sitting with a phone talking through glass to someone wearing all orange! hahaha! crazy times! haha! But she was very nice and liked our message so hey it wasn't a waste! But yeah thought that was an interesting experience! Let's see so Thermopolis is getting ready for hayin season! So we were able to help clean out some barns and get things ready for the new hay! I'm excited for it, I'm sure we will be asked to help out cuttin the hay and bailin it! I've been told though that once hayin season is over the town gets pretty ugly everything turns brown and it gets hot and desserty lookin so I'm enjoying it while it lasts;) hahaha But yeah I cant believe it's almost May....Where has the time gone?! I'll be hittin my 8 month mark pretty soon and that is a scary thing! hahaha Time is goin by fast I feel like it was just yesterday I was sayin bye and headin to the MTC! oh wait I got another story! So we are walking down the street and this dog escapes his leash and bolts under this barbed wire fence and this little kid was so worried so I was thinking in my head "you can jump that fence...right?" so here's Elder Swisher (wearing pants that are a little tight because I've gained some weight) drop my stuff and try to jump this fence...... well because my pants were a little tight I couldn't get my legs over this barbed wire fence and my shins caught the fence and I face planted on the dirt..... hahahaha pride shot down hahaha So as I'm laying there with my pants and shins shredded by the this stuipid fence I watched the dog just keep on running and my companion just keep on laughing at me! haha hopefully the kid got that dumb dog back haha! so yeah needless to say white men can't jump. hahaha well I think thats all I got for y'all! Hope you have a great week and are staying warm!! I love and miss everyone!

Love, Elder Swishdaddy

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