Monday, May 5, 2014

3v3 Tourney!!!

Hello everyone,

                    The work here is going solid. So last week we decided to make a big goal. We decided to teach 30 lessons! We taught a solid 23 lessons this week falling short of my high goal of 30 but hey not to shabby! We will try again next week and see how many we can teach. 
                    So Thermopolis is a tiny town in Wyoming but one thing I have learned is this is a small world. In my ward I have made so many connections. Brother and Sister Snow's family live in Brentwood (B3), the McCarthy's, My sister's ward mission leader in Virginia has family here, and my mom says Sister Hanberg does too!! 

                So today for pday we are going to my bishop's cabin!!! Its gonna be a lot of fun! we can't drive into the cabin because there is too much snow so we have to snowshoe 2 miles to the cabin!! Its gonna be so fun! And then when we get there we get to go hike some more and go shedding. Shedding is where you find antlers that have been shed by deer. He's also gonna drive us in his snowcat. I'm pretty pumped for it! It should be a fun day! 
            Okay so here's my awesome week I had,  So we kept hearing about this 3 v 3 basketball tourney going to happen this last weekend and apparently it's a big deal and stuff. so me and my two comps went downtown and signed up for this 3v3 tourney!! This used to be the nations biggest 3 v 3 tounery!! They used to get up to 300 teams. They literally shut down all of downtown and some other streets in town and set up about 120 half courts!!!! Teams come in from Chicgago and Denver and a college from Texas! hahahaha So thank goodness we signed up for REC play not the competitve play. But still rec play had some really good ballers! So we played in our white shirts and tags with our shorts and basketball shoes! hahahahahaha we looked so funny! People were staring at us and laughing! hahahah It was awesome! so we go out there in our first game on saturday and we were thinking we were gonna get shut out but we some how pulled the worst team! haha So we whooped up on them! and being missionaries and looking like missionaries playing ball we attracted a crowd to our game so everybody was laughing cuz the "Mormons with ties could ball" hahaha! Anyway we go to play our next game and the crowd followed us and we show up to play and its a team from Denver! with all these big guys over like 6 foot 3! hahaha they looked at us and were like "ohhhh shoot boys were playin against Jesus's team ain't no way we got a chance against Jesus!" hahaha they were just super funny they were really cool guys but were really good ballers!! they beat us 16-10 but were not trying and were not sweating after the game hahaha then you look at elder swisher and I'm drenched in sweat! Then we played some other team who were good but were at the same level as us(we really weren't that bad!) so we had this battle and they ended up beatin us 16-14! So there ends "The Elders" team for 3 v 3 basketball hahahaha BUT so many people saw us it was crazy and everybody loved us after all was said and done hahaha it was a really cool experience! 

So that's about it. 30 lessons next week!!!!

Love and miss you all!!

Love Elder Swishdaddy


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