Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Barn dance and Doughnuts!

Hello!!!!! So its been a sad week in the Thermopolis community:( The last day of school was last week and on that friday night a pair of sisters and their boyfriends(one of the sisters just finished high school that week) were drinking and driving. The two sisters were up front and the boys in the back when they got in a violent collison. The driver(older sister) died instantly and the younger sister died later. The two boys are both in the hospital with major injuries. They were all loved in this little town and everybody knew them wether they were 90 or 10 years old, everybody knows each other here. Its hard to see people so sad and so lost. I had only seen the girls, I never met them but it was still heartbreaking to hear. Im so happy to know that our Heavnly Father has a plan for all of us and he knows what is best for us. And that this life is just the beginning to a great eternity with our families and loved ones. My prayers go out to the families that have been effected. It really has been a sad week.
  Enough of the sad news though! On the plus side the weather is great and the best news of all.... I think i lost weight this week!!! I told myself last week i was gonna control how much food i ate and i did a good job, so on sunday i broke out the pants i came out with to see if they would fit..... And yes!!!!!!!!! They fit!!!! Its a miracle!!!! hahahaha so i celebrated by eating some dougnuts!!!!:) hahaha so they probably dont fit now but hey for that one day i felt skinny again!!!;) 
 People understand my love for pigs here, ITS GREAT!!!:)  So we had a ward Barndance this week!!! It was so fun!! A ranching family in the ward puts it on every year and they clear out one of their big barns and a live band comes and they call it a "ward activity" but their were more non members there than members! It was way sick!!! Line dancing and some other kind of country dance. It looked like a lot of fun!!!(us missionaries aren't allowed to dance) but i wont lie i wanted to get out there and dance hecka bad!! Everybody was in their cowboy hats and boots i was jealous hahaha! What a great missionary activity! We should do this in Brentwood. So fun! Hope its a good week in Brentwood!!!! Love and miss yall!!!!

LOVE elder Swishdaddy

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