Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Going to Cody!

Hey everybody!!! So can you believe another 6 weeks is here and gone?!?! transfers are here and we got the call yesterday...... Me and elder archie are being transferd to Cody Wyoming!!! we will be serving in the 3rd ward and ill be finishing his training and will be the district leader. we are getting doubled into the area so we will both be brand new to the area and will be trying to meet everybody as fast as we can! It will be fun im really lookin forward to it!! But im extremly sad to leave Thermopolis:( i really love it here and the people here have a special place in my heart. It was short time being here but it was fun and i really will miss it!! But i know that there is work to be done in Cody and hopfully i will get to stay there for a while and not worry about gettin transferd around all the time!! haha but ill go wherever!! Hmmmm lets see we had a great week of teaching! The area is finially picking up! We found 2 new investagators and 6 less active members who want to be taught! So it was fun going and meeting new people and getting to teach a lot of lessons!!! man next week i hit my 9 month mark...... WEIRD!!!!!! Gettin close to that year mark its scarin me a little bit haha time is just flyin by!!! So last pday I pulled a Brian Swisher. we took the whole zone on a hike. We thought it was an easy hike but the sisters disagreed with us. So I said ok I will take you a shortcut back down. Well it ended being straight down the side of the hill. The sisters were not happy with me. Like father like son. If you know my dad and have been on hikes with him you know what i mean! haha Well i hate to have such a short letter but i have to get going!! I am leaving for Cody right now! ill email yall next week from Cody!!! have a great week!!!

love, Elder swishdaddy

 our hike

study time

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