Monday, June 2, 2014

Ice falling from the sky!!!

HELLO FROM CODY!!! Well I love Cody!! its an awesome place with some really awesome people!! I am the district leader. I have a big district! I am over 7 companionships, 14 missionaries. I have a lot of work to do. So I get here thinking im gonna have a car.... Well I was wrong... we bike EVERYWHERE we go!! hahaha I was so sore the first couple of days I couldn't even sleep my legs hurt so bad!!! hahaha But its all good now im used to the bike and I actually enjoy riding it around!!!! Maybe I can drop a few pounds;) hahaha So we are out riding our bikes this past week and we are enjoying the nice sun until the clouds came.... literally the weather changed within 5 minutes!! It was crazy so it started to rain so we went and found cover under a tree and I was thinking we could just wait it out there for a while.... yeah that was until the thunder started cracking! Im not used to thunder... ITS AWESOME but not when your a missionary on a bike!!! So we went and rode to the church through the rain and got pretty dang wet... so we waited and waited and waited but the rain never stopped so we decided we were too wet to get into anybodys house so we were gonna make the 3 mile trek home in the rain! Good idea right?....WRONG!!!! Its started hailing!! ICE WAS FALLING FROM THE SKY!!!! haha not used to that either!!! I thought it was so cool that I was getting nailed in the face by ice!!! im probably crazy though hahaha so yes we were DRENCHED I have never been more wet than that moment hahaha it was so funny!! But you gotta love those crazy times as a missionary!! haha people driving by probably thought we were crazy!! hahaha There are ponds here just outside of town that people just pull off the highway and fish at and it is awesome to ride your bike by and see this dude pull in this big ol fish!! im jealous but I know where im coming to fish after the mission!! hahha But there is so much to do here, This Saturday is opening night of the summer of rodeos here.... literally starting saturday there is a rodeo every single night till September 1st!!! Can you say Heaven?!?!?!?! Man I cant think of a better place to be serving!!! Its all my favorite things in one town!!! haha Tomorrow I get to go to Billings. We have a general authority visiting and we get to hear him speak and meet with him. I will fill you in next week. I hope everyone has a good safe week!!! I miss ya Brentwood!!!!

Love, Elder Swishdaddy

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