Monday, June 23, 2014

Rancid milk and Corn dogs!

HELLO!!! well this week was good!! It flew by though!! I got to go on exchanges with another missionary in Cody! It was a good experience and fun to help out other missionaries and see the work that they are doing! Man this transfer is almost over I can't believe another one is almost done!!! Well funny story for ya so I get home from exchanges and I am starving! So I pour some cereal and I kinda thought it smelled funny before I ate it but I didn't care I was hungry!! So I ate it and drank the milk after and my stomach instantly hurt!!!! I looked at the milk and it had expired 15 days prior to me eating it! hahahaha It was so gross but funny at the same time hahaha I guess I learned my lesson!! But yeah it was a beautiful week here in cody!! Its so pretty here I love it!! So while I was on exchanges I went to the chapel for Cody 1st ward. It is an official church visitor center. When I was a kid my family and I drove through Cody on vacation and stopped and saw this chapel. I was too young to remember it. So I took a picture. Inside the foyer is a large dome. A non-member painted the entire history of the church around the dome. It is beautiful. The saints also helped settle Cody Wyoming. Really cool history here. I attached a picture of it. Also  The people have treated us so nice! Except this one punk kid, every day we see him as we pass the skate park and he sits in his car and loves to give us the finger.... its great hahaha gives me something to laugh about right??? but yeah besides him everybody else is great! Im pumped for the 4th!! Everybody says Cody has the best 4th!! So im excited for that and to see how good it really is!!! I hear they serve really good corndogs so you know I'm about to eat as many as I can to get my fix on corn dogs!!!! hahaha So the other day we were riding our bikes down the street and a truck goes my us really slow and does a u turn. I was worried a little at first until people started hanging out of it yelling Elder Swishdaddy! It was a bunch of young men from my old ward. They heard I was in Cody and came looking for me. They took us out for dinner and then they went on splits with us and helped us teach some lessons. It was so good to see them. We have two investigators that are making good progress. I know they will get baptized but hopefully it will be sooner than later. I hope everybody has a great week I love and miss everyone!!!!

Love, Elder Swishdaddy
my zone

chapel/visitors center mural

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