Monday, June 16, 2014

Grizzly Bears!!!

Hello Brentwood!!! 
Well yesterday was fathers day so I gotta give my old man a shout out! just like we did on mothers day we went around to peoples homes and asked what they love about their dads. What I love about my dad well everybody knows that me and my dad have been inseparable! I always hear stories of how when I was little when somebody else besides my dad would try to hold me I would hold my breath until I turned blue in the face and passed out!  hahaha! He's just always been my best friend. He teaches me so many life lessons. He is a great example. One that I will always try my whole life to become like. I love my dad so much. Even though he is out on a 50 mile hike right now with Britt and the scouts I want him to know that I appreciate everything he does for me. I love you dad!!! :)  enough of that cheesy junk ;) well this week was a great week! We found a lot of people to teach!! We are teaching two new investigators and three less actives. So that is always exciting as a missionary!!!  I am also excited because as a district leader I go on exchanges for the first time this week. Exchanges are when the district leader travels and spends a day or two with other missionaries to help them with problems or issues and also to train them on how to improve their areas. My area is beautiful. My area ends at the entrance of Yellowstone National Park. So needless to say the members hear say that if you go hiking you will see a grizzly bear so be careful! I guess this area has a high grizzly population. I have been a mice killing machine this week!!! Some mice got into my fruity pebbles so that meant war.... I went and found a trap in the garage and set it up and everynight I get one....suckers!!! hahaha  I love and miss everybody!!!!!! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Swishdaddy

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