Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bike Accident

Well Brentwood its been another great week in Cody! I love it here! I have too much Brentwood pride to ever move but IF I did..... it would be to Cody! It is so cool! The people are awesome and there is just so much to do here its crazy!! Well here's my funny story of the week, So we are riding our bikes and sometimes it gets boring between houses(there can be miles between houses).... So elder archie my comp likes to dare me to do things on my bike! So he said its cool if you press your front brake and make your back tire come up off the ground and not fall!! Sounds easy enough right? So I get going pretty fast and I hit my front breaks hard..... next thing I know I'm doing a front flip over my handle bars hahahaha a car stopped and asked " are you okay?" and I said "hahaha yeah, I bet you've never seen a missionary do that!" and the guy just laughed hahahaha it was great!!! But yeah it was just a good week overall! So it was raining again and I really didn't want to ride my bike and get soaked again! But I felt like we needed to for some reason so we were out in the rain getting soaked when a truck stopped and asked if we needed to get out of the rain so we said yes that would be awesome so we followed her and she turned out to be a pastor for a church! I'm not sure what church but she invited us into her church and she gave us cookies and we talked about missionary work till the rain stopped! it was a really cool experience! It's nice to see that even though we don't go to the same church she was still nice and respected us!! I was asked once again to give a talk in church so I wrote out this whole talk about our savior Jesus Christ! but I forgot it the morning of church at home..... so I stood up there and gave a 20 minute talk with out any notes hahaha it was nerve racking but it turned out pretty okay! Some members of the ward took us to the rodeo. I miss going to rodeos, it was nice to be there!! It was Elder Archies first rodeo and he was a little iffy on how he liked it. He is a city boy! hahaha but yeah that was our week for ya!! Hope all is well in Brentwood! I love and miss yall!!!! 

Love Elder Swishdaddy

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