Monday, June 30, 2014


HELLO BRENTWOOD!!!!! well it was a great week here in Cody! We have a good amount of people we are teaching and we were able to find one more this week and we were able to put her on date for baptisim for july 19th!! It was so cool to see how happy she was when she attented church with her less active dad and partake of the sacrament! We have been working hard in our district. We have 15 people on date to be baptized in July! So exciting to see hard work and exact obedience pay off! Well this week is like bigger than Christmas in Cody!! Everybody here loves the 4th of july! They have parades and carnivals and concerts and all this stuff going on all week! People decorate their front yards just like at Christmas but with red white and blue....... I'm in HEAVEN!!!!! Merica!!! So we get have a lot of fun this week with members and fireworks and bbqs and all kinds of stuff so it'll be another great week hopefully with some awesome stories!! President Meecham lets us watch fireworks! Lets see so this week it literally rained everyday of the week and I'm not talking like a sprinkle I mean a butt load of rain!!!! Normally I wouldn't hate it but since I ride a bike all day everyday I hate it..... I seem to never dry off hahaha but its great to see the lightinging storms!! They are really pretty to sit back and watch!!! So we had the BEST steaks I've ever eaten in my whole life last night..... seriously so juicy and tasty holy smokes I'm drooling just thinking about it again!!! They just butchered a cow last week and we got to eat him last night! I love the circle of life!! Nobody really has pigs out here though:( They obvisouly don't know that pigs are the best to raise!! but I am excited to rasie some cows when I get home! Okay top story of the week, so I'm sitting at a red light on my sweet bike;) and this big ol truck pulls up next to me with plates from Alabama...... They were yelling stuff at me and my companion and being total jerks and when the light turned green they threw their drink at me..... so I am now coverd in Dr Pepper. They turned left when they were supposed to yield and they hit another truck and their light busted out and was all over the middle of the road.... I turned and told my companion "heck yeah suckers throw stuff at a missionary again and see what happens!!!" Right as I said that I turned around and looked forward and I hit a fat pot hole and was thrown off my bike... hahaha jokes on me now!!! so my companion was laughing at me and I was just laying their in the street thinking "okay I see your point I shouldn't have said that" hahahahaha so yeah we both got what we deserved!! But moral of the story is DONT THROW ANYTHING AT MISSIONARYS!!!! They are just young kids doing something they believe in!! hahaha well that's all I got for yall!!! hope this week is great!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

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