Monday, May 12, 2014

Snowing in May! (lots of cool pics)

Hello Brentwood!!! So Happy late Mothers day to all the moms!!!! With out Moms this world would be one craaaazy place! They keep the world in order!!:) Thank you for all that you do Moms!!!!
  Well i got to skype home yesterday and see my awesome family!! I always love skyping home and seeing how everybody is doing!!! Man i'm lucky to have a great family! I love them and miss them so much! Yesterday i was especially thankful for my mom! We would go to houses yesterday of people in our ward and talk about moms, we would go around the room and share what we love about our moms it was so cool to hear everybody talk about their moms in all the houses! So This is my turn to share with all of you if i could pick out 1 thing that i love about my mom it would be the LOVING PATIENCE she has. I probably wasnt the easiest kid to raise but no matter what i did my mom was there to love me and had the patients to deal with all of my junk and help me learn and grow every day. Im so grateful she cares about me enough to love me through any situation i put myself/her through. She is an amazing example to me and to what i'm looking for in my future wife. My mom is a superstar i'm so lucky to have her in my life!! I LOVE YOU MOM!!!<3 
  So yeah Thermopolis is going great! i truly love it here. I love how beautiful it is and how nice everyone is!! We are teaching a good amount of people and are having a lot of fun!!! We are moving today! So its gonna be a long but pretty fun day!! We are moving like literally 3 seconds away hahaha but still got a lot of junk to move!! So this past week it of course SNOWED! its MAY WHY ON EARTH IS IT SNOWING?!?! This is not okay because i made a promise that i would put all my winter clothes away till next winter, makes sense right? well not in wyoming hahaha but hey i made a promise so i trucked around in my short sleeve white shirt;) hahaha no but it was fun!!:) Man i love being in the outdoors! i love this back country here its so pretty and has such beautiful wildlife! i cant wait to come fish and hunt up here after the mission!!!!:) another thing that happened hahahaha.... driving home one late night this week i was driving from Basin to thermopolis so i had to go through Worland and it was late and we were tired and we just wanted to go home so i bumped up the speed and next thing you know those lights were flashing.... They busted Swishdaddy!! haha got a nice speeding ticket and the cop toatally laughed when she saw i was from california!!! i was so mad about that! hahaha but yeah that was a bummer of the week but i guess i can laugh about it now? hahahaha Well i think im out of stories!! I put captions on all my pictures this week. I hope everybody has a great week i love and miss everyone!!!!

Love, Elder Swishdaddy

 dressed for our basketball tournament (yes we had permission)

 This is a hot spring in a members backyard. They pump this water into their swimming pool. They swim year round, even in the snow! 

 my bishop's snow cat
 sledding behind the snow cat
 this is Pete. He lives in Thermopolis. That is a pet raccoon he is carrying on his neck. It even wears a shock collar so it stays in the yard. Everyone here puts shock collars on their pets. Cats, dogs, and yes even raccoons! 
working hard tracting
 its beautiful here
This is what 90% of the roads look like here

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