Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Crazy few Weeks!

Well Brentwood, Its been a crazy few weeks. My companion was sent home but its better for him to be home and get the help he needs so im grateful he's there and I pray he will be okay:) I'm grateful for the lessons he taught me. He helped me grow more than any other companion just not in the way we would excpect. I have grown now from looking back on what happened and am grateful for the struggles and trials I went through. Well enough of that.... who knows how to turn off the cold weather? I'm sick of it hahaha Montana has set a record of snow fall for themselves.... everybody here is so proud of that, why on earth is that even an accomplishment?!?!?! hahaha seriously bring on the springtime and the sun cuz this cold white stuff just aint flyin with me anymore. But i have been transffered!!! I'm still in billings but just a different ward!!! Its been so great so far!! For now im a happy camper in Billings gettin fat!! Yes ITs official..... my waste has moved from 32 inches to 34 inches..... Now thats an acomplishment!!!!!;) hahaha I keep trying to tell myself im gonna work out buuuuuuuut its not looking like its working;) i scare myself everymorning when i look in the miror before i shower hahahaha it looks like the app where you make your self look fat except i can just delete the fat picture cuz its real life.... hahahaha So i love being a missionary and i love helping other people learn about our savior. I wish everyone would pray to feel his love more abundently in their lives so they can see the happiness that comes for him! Well thats my speel for the week! I love you all and miss you all and miss brentwood!! Hope everyone has a great week!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Swishdaddy

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