Monday, November 10, 2014

-2 Hello Winter!!!

WINTER HAS HIT!!!!!! Holy smokes winter is here!! hahaha There is a lot of snow on the ground and it is freeeeezing!!! I think its 8 degrees right now!! Yeah so I realized that I spent the whole summer in Wyoming and that's why I love Wyoming and don't like montana, I havnt seen the green grass in montana yet and ive been on my mission for 14 months;) hahaha well it was another busy week, we are teaching a lot of lessons each week which is a lot of fun! But as missionaries when we teach people we ask them to do things, such as read the book of Mormon or pray or come to church! and when we ask them to do it we expect them to actually do it! haha and when they don't do these things then we have to stop going by and teaching them! So that happened a lot this week! we had a lot of people who arnt "progressing" so we have to drop them and go find people who want to progress! Its hard to do cuz its hard to find people! But it has to be done so this week we will be trying to find people who want to learn and progress! so it will be a fun week of finding and kocking doors in the snow!! hahaha but itll be good! it always pays off in the end!!! We got transfer calls yesterday and I will be staying here in great falls as a zone leader with elder curtis!!! We are so happy!! We have a lot of fun together and do a lot of good work! But this transfer is a 5 week transfer instead of 6 weeks cuz of Christmas!! weird to think Christmas is soooo close! hahaha but im excited for it! I will get to Skype home!!! Well ill try to stay warm here in montana hope its nice back in brentwood!!! Love you guys and miss you guys!!!! Be safe!!!

Love Elder Swishdaddy

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