Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween football game

HEY!!! Well pretty decent week!! We are having some struggles getting the investigators we have into the baptisimal font!! So we are trying to figure out what we can do to help them make the best decision of their life!!!! haha But all is well we will figure it out!!:) Lifes good, on Halloween we went and worked the concessions stand at the football game! It was the Cross Town Game so Great Falls High vs. CMR The two schools here in town play and its a big deal haha everybody in town goes and this year it was on Halloween so everybody was dressed up! it was fun even though everybody thought we were dressed up in a costume hahaha but it was cool, we got seen by everyone so it was a good place for us to be.... but I didn't even get to watch one play so that stunk!! it was tourture I could here the players hitting and I wanted to go watch so badly! hahaha so food updates, our food calendar kinda slowed down for a little bit so we didn't have a lot of people signing up to feed us but yesterday the relief society prez bore her testimony in sacrament meeting and told everybody that its their job to feed us and the ward isn't doing it very well! so after church we got our calendar and every day was filled! so we wont starve after all, thank goodness!!!!! its the little things in mission work that make the big difference;) food is one of them!! Today will be a fun p-day. Our entire zone is coming to town and we are all going to do something fun together. well I hope everybody has a good week!! I miss everyone and ill talk to ya next week!!!

Love elder Swishdaddy!

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