Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Exchanges Exchanges Exchanges

Hey!! Well another crazy week here in Great Falls!! I was gone out of my area for the whole week on exchanges with other missionaries! It was good i had a lot of fun with the missionaries and enjoyed trying to solve some of their problems that they are facing as a missionary right now! Its pretty stressfull cuz you find a lot of stuff out that is going on  in our zone and we have to find ways to fix it!! So yeah that was the week basically! hahah dealing But it was cool cuz when i was on exchanges i got to go with the great falls 5th ward elders which is my very first area!! so i got to sleep in my old bed and see siome people that i was teaching and some cool families, it was weird to think that a year ago i was living in that house haha it was trippy!! But yeah and then me and elder curtis were so happy to be back together in our area. Our Zone is doing really really good right now, we have 18 people on date for baptisim in november!!! Its the most in the mission right now so we are excited!!! Tomorrow is zone training so i have to give a 30 minute disscusion on "teaching simply" so thats gonna be fun. we had a lot of great food this week!! A lady gave us a gift card to Chillies!!!!! So that was like heaven!!! we spent half the gift card on our dinner and then the other half we got something to go and saved it for lunch after church.... smart plan! hahaha so yeah life is good!! we are still teaching a lot of people and helping them come closer to christ everyday and i love seeing the change in people when they makes steps towards our savior!!! hope its a good week in Brentwood!!!
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

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