Monday, October 20, 2014

39 Lessons!

BRENTWOOD!! MAn this week flew by!!! We had a great week teaching 39 lessons and helping 9 people pick a date for their baptisims!!!!! It was a fun week full of exciting teaching apointments!! we were none stop all week trying to fit as much in as we could! We had a lot of fun doing it which makes the work even better!! Well lets see here, my diet is back on so elder Curtis(my companion) has limited me to one serving at dinner and one serving of dessert and then for lunches I have to eat veggies....... "who the heck eats veggies for lunch elder Curtis, what do I look like to you a vegetarian?!?!?!" elder Curtis responds "No you look fat" hahahahahaha well hes got a great point there so I have just accepted it and will be eating healthy again! hahaha so word on the street is that my sister comes home this week?!?!?! CRAZY STUFF!!! I feel like she just left yesterday!!! Holy smokes Its crazy scary how fast time flys out here when your focused on serving other people!!! well I hope everybody has a good week and gives brook a big fatty hug for me! I still got 9 more months till get to hug her!! love you and miss you guys!!!

Love,Elder Swishdaddy

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