Monday, February 23, 2015

Small World!

Well another week has gone by!! Crazy!! my 18th month mark is just around the corner!! Well this week was a full week!!! We taught a lot of lessons and had some cool experiences! We found this lady a week ago and set up a day to come and teach her and so we show up and she lets us in and we teach her a great lesson all about how the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth!!! and she LOVED it!! she is Native American so she was drawn to the Book of Mormon! When we taught her she cried through half the lesson and comitted to a baptisimal date!! The spirit was so strong it was amazing!! Its cool to go out and find the people the Lord has been preparing for us to teach and bring closer to him!! It always builds my testimony when I have those kinds of experiences! We had an MTC for members on Friday! It was sooo cool! My comp taught a class on how members and missionarys should work together and then a sister in our zone taught a class on Opening Your Mouths and that was way good and then I taught a class on social media! It was way cool we had a dinner before it started then we broke out into the groups and started at it! It was a cool way for the members to kinda get excited and gain more knowledge on how to be missionaries themselves!! Hopefully the work keeps getting stronger and stronger from it!! Cool to be a part of!!! The church makes this a small world. A sister serving a mission in my parents ward has grandparents in my ward here in Great Falls! What a small world! I took a picture of them and then when I left They called and talked with my parents. Well I think thats all I have this week!!! I love you and miss you guys have a good one!!! By the way spring training is about to get kicked started here soon so LETS GO OAKLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Bro Baccioccio)!!!
Love, The Worlds Biggest A's fan, Elder Swishdaddy

Brother and Sister Alfrey

Teaching at the Stake Member missionary training center

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