Monday, May 4, 2015

Pitbull, bird poop, and Prune-Lax.....

Hello!! Well we had a sweet week! Let's see where to begin..... let's start with the Tracting story, so me and Elder Barney go out tracting early on in the week, we come up to this house with this big grey pitbull going crazy in the yard! We look at each other like "yeah this one can wait" so we start to just walk by minding our own buisness, when this freakin crazed dog put his front paws up ontop of the fence!!! ME and Elder Barney looked at each other like "heck no this is not happening!!!" then the dog jumps off his hind legs and pulls himself over the dang fence!!!! We froze.... it was like slow motion I can picture it in my head! So when the dog jumps my companions yells "OH CRAP!!!!" and then we hear the owner scream "NOOO!!! NOOO!!! STOP!!!!!!!" my heart was beating so fast!!! I literally thought I was going to die haha!! So the dog ran up to me and was growling and smelling my leg and I had this terrified look on my face and me and Elder Barney were just staring at each other not moving a muscle! It was intense so he stopped with me and starting smelling Elder Barney and then the owner came out and grabbed him...... I know lame ending, nobody got bit or anything but STILL it was crazy! hahaha It didn't help that at the begining of the week, we decided we are going on another diet (I know this is like the 40th time I've said that) but we decided to "clean" out our systems sooooo we took some "Prune-Lax" hahahaha! Sooo when that dog jumped the fence I was more scared that the the prune lax would kick in;) hahaha but it didn't, until that night! hahaha I woke up to Elder Barney at 3:00 AM running to the bathroom hahahahaha I was laughing in my bed so hard hahaha but then it attacked me, it was a miserable 2 and half days of prune lax, if ya know what I mean;) hahaha I also got pooped on by a bird. It was one exciting funny week! But other than that it was a good week!! We had a lot of fun and taught some good lessons!! One of our investigators wanted to move her baptism up to this Friday!!! WHOOOOO HOO!!! So we are having a baptism this Friday! We are so pumped for it!! It's gonna be a good day:) Well I won't talk to you guys till after Mother's Day so Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!!!! You guys rock!!! Happy Mother's Day mom! I love you and I cant wait to skype you on sunday!!!:):) Have a good week!!:)
Love Elder Swishdaddy

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