Monday, June 29, 2015


Well exactly 2 months from today and I will be home..... kinda getting real now!! Too crazy!! Well this weekend was awesome!! We baptized two brothers!! It was so cool, they were so ready and are very happy to be members of this church now!! Their dad and Grandpa baptized them and then on sunday me and Elder Wells confirmed them! It was pretty dang sweet!!! That's what makes all the hard times as a missionary worth it. The spirit you feel at the baptism of somebody you have been teaching the gospel too..... nothing beats it!! Well this week was pretty good, I just have to keep my mind on the work, if I let myself start to think about home it makes it hard to work hahaha So this week we tracted for 2 hours everyday and on Saturday we tracted for 4 hours...... we found some new people to teach which was really fun but man my feet were so sore after this week, getting in bed last night felt so good to know that today we can just take it easy! hahaha at least until 6pm then we will be tracting again! haha but the work is going so great here! The Gillette area has been good so far, I went out to Wright, Wyoming yesterday to interview a family of 5 that is being baptized on the 4th of July!!! they were so cool they are from Arkansas and had some thick accents!! It was awesome!! Made me want to marry a girl from the south..... hahaha Elders Wells and I have been having a lot of fun together, we get along way to good!! It makes those days with a a lot of tracting easier cuz we are just laughing and talking sports! haha We are hoping we stay the next transfer together to finish me off!! haha Well I hope everybody has a sweet 4th of july week!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

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