Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July!!!!

BRENTWOOD!!!!!! Well this week has been pretty dang good!! A lot of people were out of town for the weekend so the work was a little bit slower, but we still did some good work! We had some really good lessons with investigators who were srtuggling a little bit, and helped them reslove some concerns!! So they are moving forward now towards their baptisms! My old companion Elder Curtis is an asistant to the president and he goes home next Saturday so he came down and did exchanges with me.... man I love that guy haha! we just talked about all the fun times in Great Falls haha Its been a good exchange I'll be sad to see him go home but I guess I go home 6 weeks after him and I'll see him in Utah haha! The 4th was good though we got together with two other missionaries and made a bunch of pancakes and bacon, and then watched a sweet parade, during the afternoon we prosylyted and tried talking to all the drunk people, it was great!!! They make it so entertaining to be a missionary! hahaha But then that night we went to dinner with those other elders and the two assistants at a members home and we played a sweet football game (I'm still sore) but our team won and thats all that matters haha! We ate some good BBQ and watched fireworks, so it was a very fun day!! Weird to think it was my last holiday wearing my missionary tag! Well I hope everybody has a great week and pray for the A's to make a push for the post season for me when I get home..... seriously I am praying for that;) hahaha
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

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