Monday, July 13, 2015

Fast break candy bars! Yum!

Well I'm starting to really freak out..... I start my last transfer next week... it's weird. haha Well this week was!!!! We taught a lot of good lessons and the biggest miracle was that we found a family of 3 who wants to learn more about the gospel!!! Prayers are answered!!! I love it!! They are way sweet, we found them tracting, after a lonnng day of tracting. We were just finishing up the night; when we tract a lot and its getting close to the end we get a little crazy in head. So I knock on the door and I say "We are going around your neighborhood trying to share this 2 minute video about Christ, and nobody has let us share with them... will you be the first?!?!?!" hahah the lady just laughed and said "sure" so she watched it and it really touched her, she was holding back tears and said they need Christ in their lives more right now. It was really cool. I already love this little family of three!! I can't wait to keep working with them!!! So I have been working out for 2 weeks strong now, but I think I'm counter acting it cuz I realized that everyday last week we stopped by this same gas station and I got a Fastbreak candy bar.... literally everynight of the week hahaha classic!! Those bad boys will never get old!! Well I hope everyone has a great week!! I'll update you next week where I will be living for my last transfer!!!
Love, Elder Swishdaddy

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